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Three Cranes Grove, ADF

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Report - Wellspring 2003

Grove Organizer - Michael J Dangler

Three Cranes Protogrove, ADF, began holding rituals at the Autumnal Equinox in 2002. Two of us attended that ritual. Three Cranes has had between 15 and 22 people at each ritual since then. Several people have become regulars, and one has joined the Protogrove sans ADF membership.

We have gone from 3 ADF members to 1 ADF member to 7 ADF members. We have not placed an emphasis on ADF membership, and I am not anxious to tell people that they have to become ADF members to work with the Protogrove. I feel that the low-key attitude we have has contributed greatly to our growth.

We have taken the ADF standard liturgy and changed it to suit our purposes. I have no qualms stating that we have stolen heavily from other ADF Groves in the process (especially 6th Night Grove and Shining Lakes), and I'd like to take a moment to thank them for putting their liturgies on their respective webpages. Thanks to all the Groves!

We have not been consistent in meeting the requirement for community service that Groves are subject to, but we have tried to occasionally meet that requirement, despite not being a full Grove. As an example, we collected toys for Firefighters4kids at Yule, collecting more toys than there were people at the ritual.

We have tried to re-institute Pagan Night Out in Columbus, though the response has been lukewarm. We are one of two groups holding public rituals in the Columbus area, and I feel that we fill a nice niche in the community.

We are looking for more ways to earn/save money, and are considering instituting dues for membership, and that has met with favour with the current members. We try to work with the other local Groves to some extent, and I haven't met an ADF member that I don't like.

Three Cranes doesn't seem to be in danger of leadership burnout (the longer I'm in the Pagan community, the less I understand the concept), and I have had enough experience with Pagan politics to know how to avoid them. Gods willing, the Protogrove that was planted on the Autumnal Equinox in 2002 will be around for many years, even if I were to leave Columbus. I know what makes a community weak, and we are not in danger.

Of course, we'll all know how true my words are if I can report something similar next year.

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