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Spring Equinox 2007

This ritual was held at Highbanks Metropark, in the Northern Reservable Shelter. March 18, 2007. The social hour started at noon, and the ritual started at 1 PM.

Attendance: 16, 8 ADF/8 non-ADF
Canned Goods: 31
Raffle/Donations: $23.12


Were our gifts accepted? Berkano
What do the gods offer in return? Fehu
What more do the gods require of us? Ansuz

Interpretation: For my first rite, I think I did a fairly good job. It was rough here and there, but I think that's to be expected. The omens we received were Berkano, Fehu, and Ansuz: Berkano in reference to the Kindreds accepting our offerings (they were fertile gifts, apt for Eostre), Fehu in reference to what the Kindreds offer us in return (fairly straightforward: transitory wealth, but wealth nonetheless), and Ansuz in reference to what the Kindreds ask of us (wisdom—we need to engage our brains a bit more often). All in all, very positive omens,—which is quite reassuring to me.

Grove Member

Nick's first public rite—I thought it went well—A little un-even at times. The open/close of the Gates was rough. Nick did great job with grounding/centering. Would like to find fine line between reading script or speaking from the heart for 3 Kindreds—Also need to do something to raise & use energy—Love the spring update from Jenni. Overall it went well—GOOD OMENS—Good turnout.

Senior Druid

This rite was our fastest in a long time, clocking in at around 30-35 minute. While the beginning seemed a bit rushed, the end was evened out some by its speed. Our rites have always had a tendency to be balanced more toward the front half, the inviting and the offering, and less oriented toward the back half, the return flow. This rite felt very even from start to finish, once we were in full stride.

The Gate opening and closing were abrupt, and some items were done slightly out of order, but the omens were very good, and Nick did very well in his first time leading a rite. Kudos to him, and to the rest of the Grove for all their work in this rite.

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