PFS 2019 Schedule

The schedule for the 2019 Pagan Fire Seminars is still being finalized; this is the preliminary schedule. Check back for updates, and see below for presenter bios and workshop descriptions.

9:00 — Check-in and Breakfast

9:30 — Morning Workshops

12:30 — Lunch

1:30 — Afternoon Workshops

6:00 — Dinner

7:00 — Bardic showcase

Presenters and Workshops

Rev. Melissa Ashton

Rev. Missy was the first of ADF’s Master Bards and is the current Bard Laureate of Ár nDraíocht Féin. She founded the Order of Bardic Alchemy, and in August 2018 she completed the trials and was welcomed into ADF’s Initiatory Current. While Three Cranes Grove is proud to claim her as one of our bards emeritus, she currently hails from Longmont, Colo., where she is one of the priests of Mountain Ancestors Grove, ADF. You can find examples of her work at The Practical Bard.

Rev. Missy will be presenting two workshops: Music As A Ritual Tool and Practical Applications of Music for Magic.

Traci Auerbach

Traci is the current chief of ADF’s Artisan’s Guild and a member of Three Cranes Grove. She is a painter, a seamstress, a calligrapher, an actress, and a deep believer in the power of art as a devotional act. Visit her Patreon, Mythical Magpie, to see examples of her work.

From the Fire in our Heads to the Work of our Hands: Using Inspiration to Create Piety Through Art
This hands-on workshop will illustrate that no matter the skill level, anyone can create art that expresses and deepens their piety. We will begin with a brief history of art as it was used to record and praise deities. Then we will move into a guided inspirational meditation, after which we will draft and create a quick piece based on our trance. All materials provided

Mike Bierschenk

Mike is the Bard of Three Cranes Grove and the current Wellspring Bardic Chair. He is a songwriter and a poet, with a background in the teaching of poetry, thanks to a Master in Fine Arts in Creative Writing / Poetry. He blogs somewhat diffidently at Cardinal & Locust, and maybe if enough people prod him he’ll finally get around to recording his musical work; in the meantime, you can often see him on 3CG’s YouTube channel.

You’re a poet and you didn’t even know it: Devotional poetry for everyone
Oftentimes poetry seems obscure or privileged, something only for those in the know. But poetry is an important part of our lives, from nursery rhymes to gravestone epitaphs, mealtime prayers to big-occasion speeches. This workshop will use a variety of techniques to create interesting devotional that goes far beyond “roses are red / this god is great…” Novice poets will discover how much poetic knowledge and ability they already have, and experienced poets will likely discover new methods for breaking out of their norm

Dave “Thexalon” Kleinschmidt

Thex is a multi-instrumentalist, classically trained composer, folk performer, and a regular ritual leader with Stone Creed Grove, ADF, in Madison, Ohio, where he runs Stone Creed’s choral singing program. As a folk performer, he focuses on instrumental playing for the contra-dance community, leading many of the contra-dance bands in the northeast Ohio region. And among pagan folk, he is known for accordion-accompanied original songs and parodies, poetry, and stories; find out more at The Joy of Thex.

Creating New Works for Ritual: An Interactive Group Songwriting Workshop
This workshop will walk through the process Thex uses for frequent and fairly consistent songwriting, creating a new song as a group. Topics covered include:
– Building melody from lyrical ideas, and creating lyrics from melody
– Expanding on melodic ideas and creating larger melodic phrases
– Form and structure
– Mood, affect, and style
– Harmonic ideas and variations
– Accompaniment