Summerland Festival: Location and Directions


The Summerland Festival will be held at Camp Clifton, a 4-H camp in Greene Co., Ohio, operated by Ohio State Extension. The site boasts a large number of cabins, multiple bathroom/shower houses, a dining hall, pavilion, and fire circle. The camp sits on the south side of Clifton Gorge, across the Little Miami river from John Bryan State Park.


The camp’s address is 2256 Clifton Rd., Yellow Springs, OH 45387.

Typically, results from Google and other mapping services should be accurate, with the exception that Google’s map pin is, confusingly, off in the woods northwest of the site; in the embedded map below, the dining hall (for check-in) is marked with a green star. Enter from the western end of the loop, and follow it around to the dining hall.