A Loud Yule with the Wild Hunt

It was a beautiful day for a Yule rite: cool, crisp, and full of sunshine!

This Yule we honored Woden and the Wild Hunt, and tried a few new things. Particularly, we called for the blessings in the Waters in a whole new way. Missy, Seamus, and I stood in the center of two concentric circles moving in opposite directions, while the folk made noise and celebrated with the Hunt that rides across the sky each year around this time. It was cacophanous, crazy, and incredibly loud.

People brought shakers, whistles, drums, and even a vuvuzela! Honestly, it was probably one of the most sonically powerful ritual workings we have ever done (though perhaps not the most tonally pleasant).

We also called out to the Valkyries as our gatekeeper, watching them ride out from the mists of magic, the victory-women of Woden’s band.

As read by our Seer, leesa:

  • Have our offerings been accepted? Othala—Our ancestors are pleased that we are continuing their work.
  • What blessings do the kindreds offer to us? Perthro—the fellowship of the mead hall.
  • What further do the kindreds ask of us? Wunjo—Continue our work with joy.

Taken together: We are blessed not only by the kindreds, but also by the community around us. We are asked to nurture those relationships with joy in our hearts.

Also, those of you who are perceptive may have noted that another rune popped out of my bag when I asked if our offerings had been accepted. I pushed it aside, as I felt that it was pretty much a yes/no question, needing no “clarification” or whatever, and decided at the time it had to do with the other rune I pulled for someone else at the beginning of the reading. However, after I took our omen, I did look at it, and it was ……

Sowilo, the sun :)

Children of Earth, these are good omens.

We also collected a load of toys and blankets for local donation. Thank you to all who came out, and especially to all who were able to donate!

Brightest Yule blessings,
    -Rev. Michael J Dangler