Honouring our Gods through work in this realm
ADF requires some type of community service once per quarter from all its Groves. As one of seven Fully Chartered Groves in ADF, we take this requirement very seriously, and have committed to going beyond what is required of us.

From ADF’s Council of Senior Druids bylaws:
Article V.3.B.F: Fully Chartered Groves must perform, at a minimum, some type of community service activity once per quarter.
Of course, we shouldn’t do this just because ADF requires us, and in an effort to increase our connection to our community, our Gods and each other, we seek to do more than is required every quarter. Making the world a better place is not something that can only be done through magic and ritual: it is something we need to try to do every day in our personal lives.

Three Cranes Grove, ADF, has won two out of three Founders’ Awards since the awards were first given out in 2005. In 2005, we won “for food and blood donations for Hurricane Katrina relief”, and in 2007, we won again for “food drives and other charitable activities.” Read more about the ADF Founder’s Award.

In 2012, 3CG was awarded the first ever ADF Vision Award as well! This award is for excellence in education within ADF, and was given to us for our publishing, seminars, and continued work on all fronts of educating our members about Our Druidry.

Here are some of our major service initiatives: