Quarterly Park Cleanups

Honouring our Gods through work in this realm

One of the ways that the Grove seeks to give back to our Mother is through attending to the natural world in a very physical way. At least once per quarter, the Grove gathers together to clean up a park that needs it.

Currently, the Grove is cleaning up near the Druid Monument in Greenlawn Cemetery.

The Druid Monument belongs to the U.A.O Druids, unrelated to ADF. They were a masonic order who dedicated their memorial in 1906; at the 100-year anniversary of the monument in 2006, the cemetery asked our Grove to speak about the significance of the monument and the druids who placed it, and we were happy to.

Officially, we have adopted Section S of the cemetery (the section the monument is in), but we often move through neighboring sections as well when we clean the site. Often, this involves moving downed branches, brushing the dirt or grass off of stones, and picking up litter.

Typically, we will often do a short ritual of remembrance at the site, as well.