Pagan Fire Seminars

Call for Workshop Proposals

Three Cranes Grove, ADF, seeks workshop proposals for Pagan Fire Seminars on April 4, 2020. This year’s theme is “Translating Ancient Lore to Modern Ritual,” centered around the work of adapting and applying ancient practices to contemporary needs. We welcome presentations, panels, and workshops that connect to this theme, which we hope will be both expansive enough to include a variety of topics, and specific enough to keep us focused. We prefer presenters attend in-person; however, we have space for one virtual presenter. Please note in your proposal if you will be presenting virtually.

Have you adapted an ancient text or ritual to speak to our times? Done research on how ancient practices relate to a contemporary issue or concern? Literally (re-)translated an old text others might find interesting? Have a lot of thoughts about how ancient customs and social mores can (or cannot) inform our modern society? We welcome you. While we are always most interested in presentations that include a participatory component, we are open to everything from lectures to speaker panels to hands-on activities.

We recognize that, especially for newer presenters, it may not be clear what a “proposal” looks like. In general, a proposal should be at least a paragraph long, describing the general intent of your presentation in sufficient detail that organizers can reasonably make decisions about whether and when to include your work in the day’s schedule. It should also include a snappy title. We recognize that you likely don’t have all the details worked out, but we’re hoping to see evidence that you’ve thought about your topic with enough depth and organization that you will be prepared to give a 45-60 minute presentation in April. If you have a great idea, but aren’t sure how to express it, send us an email anyway, and we can try and talk it out.

We hope that you’ll consider submitting, especially if you are a less experienced presenter. While we deeply value the knowledge of our more-experienced members (and welcome your proposals), Three Cranes Grove is also committed to supporting the development of a new generation of scholars and teachers within ADF. Please send your proposals to by January 31.

About Pagan Fire Seminars

Pagan Fire Seminars is a day-long series of workshops and panels centered around a common theme (sort of like a festival day camp). In addition to the workshops, our time together will culminate in a provided dinner and ritual work. We welcome presenters and attendees in-person and virtually, with emphasis on providing an inclusive and respectful environment.

Venue Information

The Pagan Fire Seminars will be held Saturday, April 4, 2020 at the Sharon Woods Spring Hollow Lodge in Westerville, OH. This facility is part of the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks, a public agency serving the citizens of Central Ohio. We hold most of our high-day rituals at various metro parks around the city, and we’re very pleased to be returning to Sharon Woods for PFS 2020.

The Sharon Woods Spring Hollow Lodge is easily accessible from I-71, just outside the 270 loop on the northeast side of Columbus, OH. For directions to the lodge see the embedded Google map below; be aware, the lodge uses a separate entrance off of Main St. than the main park entrance on Cleveland Ave.

Sharon Woods Spring Hollow Lodge
1069 W. Main St.
Westerville, OH 43081