Three Cranes Biographies

Here are some biographies for a few of our members. Not all of our members provided bios, but we hope to offer enough information to give you an idea about the members of Three Cranes, as well as what it’s like to be a member.


These members are our Executive Committee and are elected by the Grove (with exception of Grove Priests, who are appointed by the EC).

Elected Officers

  • Traci A.
    Senior Druid
  • Deborah
  • Jessica

Priests & Spiritual Leaders

Teaching Positions

These are positions the Grove has given to members who excel in certain skills.

Grove Bard

  • Mike Bierschenk

Grove Artisan

  • Traci A.

Grove Naturalist

Grove Warrior

  • Vacant


  • Mike Bierschenk


Of course, our members are important as well. We offer space to all members to provide a biography. Please contact an officer if you would like to add one.

Three Cranes has around 25 Members and 6 Friends as of this writing (2019). For information on how to become a Member, or the difference between Grove Members and Friends of the Grove, see our “Joining” page.