Shawneen has been a practicing pagan for over 35 years, and is currently Guild Chief of the Naturalist Guild of ADF, and the Grove Naturalist of the Three Cranes Grove, ADF. An Environmental Intuitive, Geomantic Consultant, and Inter-faith Celebrant, Shawneen also has a degree in horticulture from Michigan State University. A labyrinth facilitator, he also designs, and constructs earth energy based landscapes. Some of his written work can be found in The Fire on Our Hearth, our published collection of devotional liturgy. He is currently working on Running with Trees, a book about spiritual ecology, ogham lore, and specific trees he has known. Spiritually, Shawneen’s Patrons are the All Mother, Brigit, and Nemetona. He has made pilgrimage to Kildare, and keeps Sacred flame of Brigit in his home. He is a flamekeeper both for the Ord Brighideach, and for ADF.