The Summerland Festival 2022

Summerland 2022 is back in person!

We are excited to announce that the Summerland Festival will return to Camp Clifton, August 18-21, 2022! We hope that you will consider joining us for our joyous return to fellowship in the woods near the Little Miami River.

Further details are available at the subpages linked in the sidebar, including:

About the Summerland Festival

Summerland Festival is a long-standing Pan-Pagan Festival held every August at Camp Clifton, near Yellow Springs, Ohio. The folk are welcome to enjoy a variety of workshops, children’s activities, bardic open mic, and socialization, with the festival culminating with the main ritual on Saturday, followed by a potluck dinner. Every year, there is music, laughter, and fellowship in a comfortable, serene camp. The festival has played host to ordinations, initiations, and celebrations for many years, and we look forward to continuing this proud tradition as we return to Camp Clifton and reconnect with old friends there.

A Culture of Consent

Three Cranes Grove, ADF works within a culture of consent at all of our events.  All attendees will be required to agree to our Code of Conduct during the registration process.   There are also additional expectations for presenters, ritualists, and organizers within the policy. Additionally, a workshop on Consent Culture will be offered during the festival.  All are encouraged to attend.