Summerland Festival: Lodging

You have many options for lodging at the Summerland Festival: tent camping, cabin space, or a place to park a camper-trailer. There are also numerous hotels and motels in the surrounding communities. Showerhouses are available for all attendees, regardless of where you are sleeping.

Tent Camping

Tent camping cost: completely free

There is plenty of space for tent camping in the meadow to the east of the parking area, behind the Whitetail Cabin. Be aware that no individual campfires are permitted.

Tent space is always available, including for on-site registrants.

Cabin space

There are 22 cabins at Camp Clifton. Each cabin includes 5 double bunkbeds (10 total beds) with foam mattresses. Linens are not included. All cabins have electrical service suitable for low-load electrics (e.g. fans, phone chargers, CPAP machines).

Registrants can reserve an entire cabin, or can reserve single bunk spaces.

We aren’t able to accept reservations for specific cabins/bunks at registration. However, please do tell us your preferences/requests, whether they are for a specific cabins/arrangements or for more general parameters. We cannot guarantee exact cabin assignments, but we will do our best to meet all your needs! Cabins/bunks are assigned shortly before festival, in order to bring the full picture into focus, and will be communicated to you at check-in.

We encourage you to pre-register if you’d like to reserve cabin space. Cabins/bunks may be available for rental on-site, but this is dependent on demand; we can’t guarantee on-site availability, especially for full-cabin rentals.

Reserve an entire cabin

Cabin rental cost: $125

The whole cabin is yours! You’re absolutely welcome to share it with others, of course, but only one member of your group needs to add this item to their registration. (We are not able to split this fee across multiple registrations; please settle up on your own terms.)

Reserve a bunk space

Single bunk cost: $25

If you’re staying with someone else who reserved a cabin, you do not need to pay for bunk space.

The accommodations for those purchasing bunk space are the same as for full-cabin reservations; the only difference is that you’re bunking with others who would like cabin space without reserving an entire cabin — a sort of pagan hostel, if you will. Please be mindful of your bunkmates’ peace and comfort when coming in late at night, etc.

In addition to general bunking, this is also the correct registration item for those needing special accommodations for medical or mobility needs. Please see our accessibility page for more details on our facilities, and please email us before registering to discuss your needs!


Camper spot cost: $25

There is limited space for pop-up campers and other sorts of camping trailers.

Be aware that there are no dedicated facilities: there are no water/electrical hookups, no grey water/dump station facilities, no explicit parking pads. This is simply a space to park, similar to tent camping. We also cannot accommodate RVs.

If you need a full-service camper-trailer/RV site, we suggest reserving a campsite at John Bryan State Park or one of the other state park campgrounds nearby.