Summerland Festival: Cost Overview

We’re excited to welcome you to Summerland 2024! This page lays out the various costs associated with festival attendance. All Summerland Festival attendees must have a valid registration. You’re also welcome to purchase a meal plan and/or cabin rental, but both are optional.

Registration fees

Early Bird registration (through May 31)

  • Adult (16+) full-weekend registration: $85
  • Adult (16+) single-day registration: $20
  • Child (15 and younger) registration: free

Regular registration (online through August 11, or on-site)

  • Adult (16+) full-weekend registration: $100
  • Adult (16+) single-day registration: $25
  • Child (15 and younger) registration: free

Please note that wireless connectivity is very sketchy at Camp Clifton — you may need to go stand out in the middle of the field across from the dining hall to make an online payment. Or we’ll always take cash!

Meal Plans

You are not required to purchase a meal plan (though our kitchen staff do a great job and we think you’ll enjoy the food!). For details on the meal plan, on the meals provided to all attendees, and on camp policies regarding individual cooking, please see our Festival Food page.

We encourage you to pre-register if you wish to purchase a meal plan, so we can plan accordingly. Meal plans may be available for purchase on-site, but this is dependent on demand; we can’t guarantee on-site availability, especially for restricted diets.

Full-weekend meal plans

  • Adults (16+): $75
  • Kids (8-15): $37.50
  • Kids (0-7): $0

Day-pass meal plans

  • Adults (16+): $37.50
  • Kids (8-15): $18.75
  • Kids (0-7): $0


You have a number of different possible sleeping arrangements, in addition to area hotels and motels. Details are available at our Lodging page, but here are the raw numbers:

  • Tent camping: free
  • Full-cabin rental: $125
  • Bunkhouse space: $25
  • Camper-trailer parking (no services): $25

Scholarships/work barters

We believe that our festival pricing is fair and reasonable, allowing us to support the festival and our grove while also keeping as low a financial bar to entry as possible.

However, we know that for some folks these prices may not be possible, and we strongly believe that economic barriers to participation should be eliminated whenever possible. To that end, we offer scholarships for the festival. Typically scholarships will be granted as work barters: 4–8 hours work throughout the weekend, at a variety of different tasks. To request a scholarship, simply email — we will discuss your needs and send you a discount code to use at registration.

By the same token, if you have the means to contribute to our scholarship fund — which is entirely funded by the generosity of festival attendees — we invite you to add a contribution to your festival registration, with our sincere thanks.