Workshops on Druidry

Our Grove gives a number of workshops. Here are some that we have recorded over the years.

Video Workshops

Our YouTube channel has a number of video workshops you can watch. The playlist below provides all our public workshops in a curated order.

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Audio Workshops

We host media here on our site for some workshops we don’t have video for. If audio workshops and discussion are your thing, check out our podcast, Druids In Cars, Going To Festivals, for some great discussion.

An Awfully Big Adventure: Signposts On the Soul’s Journey Through the Indo-European Afterlife

Recorded at Midnight Flame 2007, Rev. Michael J Dangler gives an overview of the Indo-European afterlife, and the various signposts the soul will see and experience through their journey into that afterlife.

Based primarily on the excellent sourcework of Bruce Lincoln’s “Death, War, and Sacrifice,” Rev. Dangler takes some of that existing research and distills it into an hour-long presentation aimed at modern Pagans looking for a lore-based approach to the question of the afterlife.

The journey is viewed from both an ancient IE perspective, and also from a modern, practical Pagan perspective in this lecture.

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone: Building Relationships With Reliable Spirit Allies

Rev. Michael J Dangler discusses the process of building relationships with spirits at Wellspring 2017.

We discuss how to approach spirit allies, the basic rules you might follow for spirit work, and the kinds of things you can do to improve and build relationships.

We also tackle hard questions about what it means when a spirit gives you a gift you may not want, and how to set healthy boundaries.