A Simple Woodland Blessing Video

At Wellspring in 2007, ADF filmed a short, three-person ritual. Along with Rev. Susan Parker-Wyndham and Rev. Caryn MacLuan, our own Rev. Michael J Dangler participated in this ritual. The video is designed to show how a simple blessing rite can be done with a minimal amount of ritual items. The rite was unscrpited and shows the […]

Spring Equinox 2009 – Anthesphoria, A Hellenic Spring Equinox

Anthesphoria The Festival of the Flowers A Hellenic Spring Equinox “Before we begin, let us expel that which stands to distract us and block our purposes.” Outdwellers: “Outdwellers!Titans who stood against Zeus! Spirits of Khaos and Discord! Those who would detract from this rite, those with ill intent in their hearts, I ask you now […]

Samhain 2007

This ritual was held at Blacklick Woods Metropark, in the Sasaffrass Shelter. It was held on Oct. 28, 2007. Attendance: 32, 16 ADF/16 non-ADF Canned Goods: unknown toys: 40 Raffle/Donations: $13/$51 Omen Are our offerings accepted? Ebadh (aspen) What do the Holy Powers offer us in return? Oir (spindle) What fruther needs do the Kindred have of us? Ur (heather) Interpretation: Are […]

Winter Solstice 2004 – Saturnalia

BRIEFING Brief Outline: Earth Mother Prayer Procession & Purification Grounding/Centering Precedent/Purpose Ritual re-creation of cosmos: Evocation of gatekeeper Establishing the sacred center w/3 gates Opening the Gates Beneficial influences: Apollo as Bardic Deity Silvanus as Protector against negative forces Vesta as hearth fire –lighting the sacrificial fire Invocations to the Three Kindred The Story of […]