Virtual Midsummer Ritual: the Land and the Sovereign

In a rich, dream-like, sun-drenched painting, a dirt road leads through a field, passing heavy-laden fruit trees as it approaches a wood beneath a rainbow.

Three Cranes Grove, ADF, invites you to celebrate Midsummer, the time of the Summer Solstice, with us. This being an election year, we will honor two archetypal deities found throughout the Indo-European lands, the Land and the Sovereign, whose blessings are bound together: the Sovereign serves the Land and its people, and the Land blesses […]

Bind Yourself to Action: Solidarity with Anti-Racist Action

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, we have seen ever more clearly the racism and police brutality that is woven through our society. Three Cranes Grove, ADF, stands in solidarity and grief with the Floyd family, and with the Black and POC communities of Minneapolis and the country as a whole, including […]

Virtual Beltane Ritual, honoring Gobnait and the Bees

An abstract swirl of colors, fading from blue to yellow to red and green as you scan from left to right.

Three Cranes Grove, ADF, would like to invite you to celebrate the festival of Beltane with us. During this time of continued social distance, we will be honoring Gobnait, the Gaelic lady of the bees, and asking her and her winged maidens to join us together as a distributed whole, even in our separation. 3:00 […]

Calan Mai (Beltane) Ritual: Honoring Taliesin

Brightly colored ribbons stream from a small pine tree against a clear blue sky. The words "Calan Mai: Honoring Taliesin" are superimposed.

Join Three Cranes Grove as we celebrate the Calan Mai (ie. Beltane) at the Hickory Grove shelter in Blendon Woods Metropark! This ritual is public, and open to all. This ritual will honor Taliesin, the mythic bard of Welsh lore who gained inspiration by fortune, then underwent a series of transformations as he grew from […]

Spring Equinox Ritual 2019: Honoring the Kore (Persephone)

Set against a field of flowers, an earthenware head of a woman with intricately braided hair in a crown hovers next to the text "3CG Spring Equinox: Honoring the Kore"

Join Three Cranes Grove as we celebrate the Spring Equinox at the Spring Hollow Lodge Sharon Wood Woods Metro Park! This ritual is public, and open to all. This ritual will honor Persephone as the Kore, the Maiden, as she returns to the middle realm from her time in the underworld. She brings with her […]

An update to our video practices

Over the past few years, Three Cranes Grove has done a great deal of video work, recording rituals and offering them up for the folk, sometimes even livestreaming them (not to mention the bardic concerts, Druidry 101 videos, and assorted other projects by various 3CG members). We’re proud of that work, and we’re hopeful that it’s […]