Samhain Ritual, honoring Baba Yaga (hopefully)

In a painted woodcut image with a decorative border, Baba Yaga rides through the woods in a flying wooden mortar, carrying a long wooden pestle

Date: October 30, 2022 3:00 pm

Three Cranes Grove invites you to join us for a celebration of Samhain, honoring Baba Yaga. Many know Baba Yaga from her appearances in folktales and in literature. We know her as a figure of witchery, of sovereignty, and of doubly-edged gifts.

The Baba is notoriously reclusive, and so any conversation with her is a matter of question — we will begin our ritual by divining whether she will consent to speak with us. If not, then we will change directions and honor the Ancestors at Samhain. All indications leading up to the ritual have been good so far, however, so we hope to take a ritual journey to the hut on chicken legs, and we hope you’ll join us.

This rite is free and open to the public, and you’re welcome to join us in person or over Zoom. We strive to weave all attendees into our magic, no matter how they join us. We invite remote participants to pray at their home shrines along with us if they have them, or in the shrine of their heart if they do not, and to join with us in offering.


While our ritual activities begin with conviviality at 2:30pm and continue with potluck after the rite, ritual is scheduled for 3:30 sharp (or as close as we can manage).

2:30 — Social hour/gathering
3:00 — Zoom meeting begins
3:15 — Pre-ritual briefing
3:30 — Ritual begins
Potluck to follow ritual

If you can’t make it in-person, we’d love to see you via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 337 362 382
Passcode: 477818

What should I have with me?

If you’re new to all this, check our information for first-time attendees!

In-person attendees do not need to bring anything in particular, though as always we invite you to bring offerings for Baba Yaga and for any of the Kindreds who you would honor.

Remote participants should have offerings for Baba Yaga and the Kindreds as desired, and should also have tea or another warm beverage to share with the Baba. Additionally, assuming the divination is good, you may want a talisman into which to receive the wisdom of the Baba — a bone or bonelike item is ideal. In person we will be passing these items through flame and bathing them in red wine, and you’re welcome to do so as well, but it’s perfectly alright to adapt that consecration to your situation/availability, including doing all the work mentally.

And if you’d like, you’re welcome to follow along in the script!


Blacklick Woods Metro Park: Beech-Maple Shelter
6975 E Livingston Ave
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Blacklick Woods Metro Park is on the east side of the Columbus metro area, on Livingston Rd. between Brice Rd. and Baltimore-Reynoldsburg Rd. After entering the park, the lodge can be accessed from the first and second left-turns off the park road. The first turn leads to a small parking lot, which we ask you to reserve for those physical mobility concerns and/or equipment to unload. The second leads to a larger parking lot that’s connected to the lodge by a short wooded path. Check out the Blacklick Woods Metro Park map.