Order of the Crane

The ADF Order of the Crane is an Order based on devotion and transformative work. The Order and its members will work to serve ADF by developing ritual, liturgy and tradition at our hearth shrines and as part of a wider community. Beyond keeping devotionals and the High Days at their shrines, Order members will develop rituals to build and respond to transformative experience. As the Crane is about transformation and all the ways we encounter it, so too is this Order about those things that transform us.

Transformation may come in the form of healing, death rituals, marriage, man-making, woman-makings, eldering, and other rites of passage; but it must also be recognized that transformation is not something that we passively arrive at or observe. We must seek change within ourselves and help others transform as well. To do that, we must recognize that there is a great Work that we must do, which must be actively sought and must come from within. This is the Work of the Crane.Through all this work, the image, motif, and personality of the Crane will inform our path, and we will adopt and adapt the traits of the Crane to be our guiding force.

Joining the Order of the Crane is about doing the Work. Let us come together to do this Work with our hands in the reciprocity of hospitality, to put our hearts into the Work so that it is complete and full of integrity, and to put our heads to it in such a way that we do the Work with intelligence and vision.