Spring Equinox 2006

Before stepping into ritual area, but after being censed and aspersed, participants
will be asked
Druid: by what name are you known, and from whence do you hail?
Participant: I am [name] of [place/family]
Druid: Enter [name] of [place] and be welcome! Hail [name] of [place]!
(Those performing rite will go first so everyone else knows how this happens)
Divine spark of creation
Flaming fire and frost that freezes
Coming together merging and mingling
Filling nine worlds with life and death
Wonder and wildness and constant change
Be with us. So be it.
Nerthus, Mother, your children call out to you.
Goddess of the Birch, bringer of peace,
you who are both sister and bride,
who is both well and womb,
You are the giver, who supports and sustains us.
We ask that you attend us this day;
we wish to give you rest from your many travels.
So come, Sacred Mother, rest with us.
Let us bath you in love and reverence.
Let us give you strength, as you so often have given us.
Mother, Nerthus, accept our sacrifice!
Listen to the stories that run through time.
Saga, share your tales of wonder with those who are ready to hear.
Stories around our hearth fires.
Touching our being just as the warmth of our fires touch our skin and help us feel
Saga, your intoxicating waters connect us to our past and guide us to our future.
Rippling down the corridors of our memories like the walls of your great hall.
Hail Saga, goddess of story!
“In earliest times did Ymir live
Was nor sea nor land nor salty waves
Neither earth was there nor upper heaven
But a gaping nothing and green things nowhere
Was the land then lifted aloft by Bur’s sons
Who made Midgard the matchless earth
Shone from the south the sun on dry land
On the ground then grew the greensward soft
From the south the sun by the side of the moon
Heaved his right hand over heaven’s rim
The sun knew not what seat he had
The stars knew not what stead they held
The moon knew not what might she had
Then gathered together the gods for counsel
The holy hosts and held converse
To night and new moon their names they gave
The morning named and midday also
Forenoon and evening to order the year”
(wordslike…)Andthuswegathertogethertocelebrateandwelcome the turn of the
wheel to the spring equinox, the balance of light and darkness. In Ohio, at this time,
we are as likely to feel the cold of the ice as we are the warmth of fire. Take a
And now thesignsofspring….ducksonthepond.Geeseanddovespairingup.At
the right time, even a wild rabbit can be seen. For all these gifts we celebrate and
give thanks. We now prepare ourselves for the work ahead.
You who come from the outer dark,
You who stood against the gods and man,
You who are cold of heart and cruel of mind,
Take this offering and trouble not our working.
I call to you to hallow and make holy this harrow and stead.
bearing good for my folk I ask you to banish all bale.
May our hearts be made whole.
May our minds be made open.
Hear the sounds of your breath as you run with the rhythm of the land, the pulse of
the Tree.
Start by feeling you own body, and notice how your arms and hands feel, and your
chest feels, your abdomen, pelvis, legs, and feet, then going up, your neck and
head, and if your eyes are not closed by now – you can close them.
Realize how your breathing has changed since you started this, and that you are now
in a light trance, ready to interact with the Otherworld – which is just on the other
side of the now, and that you can start to feel the roughness – of bark on your back,
and as you feel this and realize that your back is against the trunk of a tree – larger
than you can imagine, the World Tree that connects everything.
Touch that bark with your hands and fingers, feel its texture, just let yourself feel its
rough and smooth parts – as you keep your Otherworld eyes closed, and take a
moment to feel gratitude – that this tree Yggdrasil – is the shaman’s horse – that can
carry you anywhere in the world, and has brought you here – to experience the two
And having thus thanked the Tree, become aware of the sounds of the forest, the
sounds of birds and cries of other animals – in this enchanted forest, and take a deep
breath of the living glowing air of this Otherworld.
Listen. Breathe. Know that beside you runs the root of divinity, one of the three
great roots of the Tree, and that the root goes into the forest before you all the way
to the Well of Wyrd, where you wi11 soon meet the three goddesses of destiny, the
old one that holds your past, the young one that holds your future, and the mature
one that holds the ever – changing present.
So with your Otherworld eyes open now, look at the root beside you. Really look at
it, and you will feel how it pulsates with power even as it feeds the Tree, and keeps it
firmly rooted in divinity.
Follow its path into the forest with your gaze and notice how vibrant the colors are,
how full of life, and start your way along the root, amid the sounds of the forest,
feeling your feet on the ground, and notice how your breathing speeds up a little
from the walking.
Look all around you on your path. Take your time. And when you finally see a
clearing far ahead, you will notice something that looks somewhere between a pool
and a low well, and as you get closer, you’ll be able to see the waters shimmering
near the top of it.
As your gaze is upon the waters, three women will approach the well, and they are
called the Norns. Look at them, and ask to “taste the triple waters of Wyrd”. See one
of them fetching a ladle, and a cup. She approaches the well, and you might see her
lips moving silently as she scoops up some water, and partially fills the cup.
She hands the cup and ladle to her sister, who also scoops up some water, and
partially fills the cup. She then passes it to her third sister, along with the ladle, and
she too scoops up water, and fills the cup.
Having done so, she raises the cup, looking to the sky, then turns to face you. She
approaches and hands you the cup. Thank them. Drink it all, and you will feel her
hand on yours as she retrieves the cup from you, just before the full effect of the
liquid hits you as you close your Otherworld eyes.
Let the waters of destiny flood your body and your mind, restoring you to your true
nature, your trueself and goals. Receive the visions…
When you feel ready, open your Otherworld eyes, and seek the path back to the
Tree. Run along the root of divinity, filled with a sense of renewed purpose, as if you
had finally awakened to yourself.
See the living colors along your trail, and hear the sounds of your breath as you run
with the rhythm of the land, the pulse of the Tree. And soon, you reach the Tree,
and it is immense. Go to it, admire it, and touch it.
Then turn around and scan the skies above the forest – for a rainbow that is not a
rainbow, a bridge that is not a bridge, a passage to the realm of the Shining Ones.
When you find it, go to it. It is made of fire, in all the colors of the rainbow. Approach
it. Nearer and nearer. Flaming bright. Until you stand a step away from it. And when
you do, ask if you may “take three steps towards divinity”. And really look at it.
Let it fascinate you. Raise your leg and take your first step onto it, and as you do
you are surrounded “by rainbow fire, by an aura that reaches as far from your body
as your fingertips can reach, and the same distance above your head, and the same
distance below your feet, and all around you. Red flames. Orange flames. Yellow
flames. Green flames. Blue flames. Indigo flames. Violet flames. Changing you.
Making your being more like that of the gods, bringing you closer to their realm of
existence, translating you into their dimension.
And when you are ready, take your second step, feeling the flames burst within you
from your center, filling you, in every corner of your body, arms and hands, chest,
abdomen, pelvis, legs and feet, neck and head, consuming you with divine fire and
renewing you. Feel it completely.
And when you are ready, take your third step, and as the fire within joins with the
fire around, look about you at the trees and see that they have this same rainbow
fire about them. The divine is in them too. See the birds and other animals. They too
have the rainbow radiance. Look at the rocks and the grass. Everything has this
radiance, and it is enlaced with every other rainbow radiance, connecting them,
uniting them, all divine, all different in their rainbow patterns, all the same in their
Take the time to absorb this, and when you are ready, reconnect with the radiance
of your physical body. Feel the fire of those physical hands in your hands, the fire of
your physical heart in your heart, of your head, of your genitals, of your feet. And all
of it held together by the crystal pattern of the waters of destiny, giving you definite
shape and separate existence.
Wiggle your physical toes. Wiggle your physical fingers. And when you are ready,
keep your Otherworld eyes open, and slowly open your physical eyes, so that you
may keep seeing the radiance in everything and everyone around you. By fire and
water, you are made unique. And yet we are one.
“Portal Song” whomever censed at beginning offers to fire; asperser offers to well;
censor and asperser do that to the bile.
HEIMDALLr! The White As, son of 9 maidens
Guardian of Bifrost and bearer of the mighty Gjallerhorn
Far seeing and all hearing
We ask safe passage that we may honor the Kindred (pour ale)
Accept our offerings and let the gates be open!!
(folk repeat: Let the gates be open; blow horn 3 times)
Hail Heimdallr! (Folk repeat)
Spirits of the Land,
Spirits of our Younger Kin, the Plants and Animals,
Spirits of Rock and Stone, spirits of dancing Flame and rigid Ice.
Vaettir, you are welcome here alongside us,
Join in our celebration, and accept our gifts to you.
Landvaettir, accept our gifts!
Lo, there do I see our fathers
Lo, there do I see our mothers
Lo, there do I see the line of our people
to the beginning and they do call to us
They bid us to take place among them
In the Halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever…
Bone mothers, Ancestors of old,
Blood of my veins, Strength in my soul,
Grandmothers, Disir, Wise watching women,
I offer you welcome.
Great heroes of old, might-memory knows,
Your valor shines still, Your legends still grows,
Grandfathers, Alfar, Honor bound men,
I offer you welcome.
O Ancestors of blood and heart, I call to you
Accept this offering.
Hail to the Ancestors
The children of the Earth call out to the Shining Ones!
Hear us, Aesir and Vanir!
You who have given us body and spirit,
Sense and courage, heart and health,
Well have you crafted your children
Who welcome you now with limitless thanks!
Eldest and Mightiest, Patrons and Place-Gods,
Bringers of blessing and teachers of runes,
You who have taught us of faith and of honour
Of troth and right virtue,
We call to you now!
Join us, o powerful dwellers of Asgard —
Accept this sacrifice!
Freyr! Son of Njord! Progenitor of Kings!
Ruler of the Alfar!
We ask for good rains to nourish the earth!
We ask for good sun, so the food may have strength
So the folk may be sustained for another year.
May peace and prosperity grow as Sunna’s strength through the coming season.
Fro Ing! Freyr! Accept our offering!
Freya! Daugther of Njord! Vanadis!
Keeper of mysteries of love, death, and magic.
May the days of spring be as golden as Brisingamen
May the energy of creation be strong in field and fen
So the folk may be sustained for the coming year.
Freya!Accept our offering!
Eostre! Bright one! Lady of spring!
New shoots, buds, birds, and hares
Hearken to thee
We behold your arrival from the east
As we await your gifts of green and gold
Bright colors against the damp fertile soil
Eostre! We call to you!
Accept our offering!
Have the folk brought praise?
Done blot style. Misty takes horn filled with apple cider (*pout*) from altar and
hands it to each person as they come up to give praise. Participants can either
drink, kiss horn, libate, but they must give horn back to Misty. Misty has to make
sure the horn does not run dry!!!
Hail Day! Hail the sons of Day!
Hail Night and the daughter of Night!
Gaze on us with Gracious eyes;
Award us victory, we who wait.
Hail the Aesir! Hail Asynjur!
Hail the all-giving earth! And grant
Wisdom and fair speech for us, far-famed,
And healing hands while we live.
To all those gathered, both kith and ken,
if offence has be taken,
with a gift, let us make amends.
Ancient and Mighty Ones we have honored you
We pray you honor us in turn
For a gift calls for a gift
Hear your children:
Shining Ones, give us the Waters!
All: Shining Ones, give us the Waters!
We thirst for the Waters of Wisdom
The Waters of Bounty
The Waters of Rebirth
From the Well of Wisdom
From the Spring of Renewal
From the bosom of the Earth
Hear us:
Shining Ones, give us the Waters!
All: Shining Ones, give us the Waters!
We open our hearts to the Great Ones’ blessing
We stand in pride, honor and friendship
With all the Powers of the Worlds
Hear us and answer us now:
Shining Ones, give us the Waters!
All: Shining Ones, give us the Waters!
We draw blessing from the Cauldron of Blessing
We pour the Mead of Inspiration
Behold the holy Cup of Magic
The outpouring of Blessing from the Great Ones
When we share the draught of the Gods
We drink in wisdom, love and strength
To do as we will in the worlds
In service to the Shining Ones.
Hear us Shining Ones:
Hallow these waters!
We, your children, rejoice in your gift
Bless our spirits and our lives
With love, magic and bounty
As we drink these sacred waters.
Behold the Waters of Life!
All: Behold the Waters of Life!
Heimdallr! Great guardian!
We thank you for warding our walk
As we honor gods and ancestors and all goodly wights.
We ask once more you join your magic with ours
And Let the gates be closed!
All: Let the gates be closed! (blow horn once, mournfully if possible)
(everyone thanks whomever the invoked above)
Leesa: Freyr, Freya, Eostre
Anna: Shining Ones
Jim: Ancestors
Nick: Landwights
From the Gods, to the Earth, to us,
From us, to the Earth, to the Gods,
A gift for a gift. The rite is ended. Hail.