Beltane 2007

The Sacred Grove is arranged and hallowed, hopefully with lots of fresh flowers and brightly
colored ribbons. Preferable altar cloth colors = red and white.
Six months ago we gathered at Samhain to celebrate the end of summer. Now, a perfect
half-year later, we gather at Beltaine to welcome it back. Sap has risen in the trees and in
us, and all life responds with the urgent need to blossom, releasing itself from the shackles
of winter into the joyful abandon of spring. Today is a day of play and pleasure. We gather
for May Day. Let us celebrate well!
“ComewenowasaPeople”–upbeat and fast. I DEMAND DRUMMING. People are censed
and aspersed as they enter, perhaps passing between two trays of candles.
Opening Prayers
Universal Spirit Prayer
That which is without name
That which is without gender
That which is without form
Spirits which exist in all Creation
We, the Children of the Earth, call out to you
And ask that you bless this work and our lives.
So be it.
Earth Mother
Please orient this toward spring/summer-time. The face of the Earth at this time is young and
vibrant uncertain and vulnerable but also hopeful and fiercely determined –like spring incarnate,
transforming into summer. Think of the fawn becoming stags, the buds becoming flowers, the
snakes that haveemergedfromtheireggs… good times
Inspiration Would be pretty cool if we made up a little harmony and a male and a female led us
in Awen or something.
Purpose and Precedent
As the ancients did before us, so do we now, and so may our descendants do in the future.
We have come into the Sacred Grove to worship as the Elders did, to offer to the Ancestors,
the Nature Spirits, to Gods.
In elder days the feast of Beltaine was a time of power an
made their worship of the Goddesses and Gods that sustained them in the flowering
Today we honor Sirona, Lady of the Enchanted Well, bearer of the erotic power of
renewal. Today we also honor Belenus, Lord of Radiant Lightandthesun’squickeningof
the Earth. We feel their energy coursing through us as we celebrate the dawning of May.
the Outdwellers as it is on Samhain. The Veil is thin once again and the fey in particular are
being rambunctious. I like to give them a little dish of milk or cream with strawberries soaking in
it; we could perhaps also set up a game for the non-fey. We can be more playful than grim this
Grove Attunment
One male and one female willing to do the traditional one? I secretly really like it. Nothing
radical this time, por favor.
Fire, Well And Tree
Censer and Asperser. Offerings are given when the song instructs.
Chant: “Portal Song”, happy and awesome. Drums? I wish?
Opening The Gates
Garanus Crane,
You who stand with one foot in the Water and one foot on the Land,
Winged One, you tilt your eyes toward the Sky,
Welcome in all realms but beholden to none.
Guide as we seek to travel as you do,
Ward us as we walk the Elder Ways.
Share your magic with us,
Winged One, Free One,
As we travel to meet the Kindred together.
Garanus, accept our sacrifice! [Shrimpy goodness! Pink ones! Mm!]
Now, Garanus
Join your magic with ours
And let the fire open as a gate, [gesture with staff for these? I am NOT twirling]
Let the well open as a gate,
Let the tree be the crossroads of all Worlds.
Open as a road to our voices and to the Spirits.
Let the gates be open!
Kindred Offerings
Maybe mention our connection to people who went a-Maying in the past, and to all those who
honoured the rites of May. Hell, knowing us, most of our Ancestors were probably conceived
today! Offering = condoms. JK!!! Tasty beer.
Nature Spirits
Springy and summery –manygorgeousthingsaregoingoninNaturerightnow.Alsodon’t
forget the beloved yet rascally Sidhe. Offering = seeds, a peach
Don’tforgetthe place gods and the gods of our people. Offering = Oil, fragrant herbs for the
fire if anybody has some?
Key Offerings
Welcome to the Gods and Goddesses, the Mighty Dead and the Noble Sidhe!
To all of you who have gathered at our fire, we pray you join us in worshipping the patrons
of this holy rite here in our sacred grove.
Turning to the well:
Sirona Invocation
Sirona, Lady of the Flowing Waters,
Hear my words as they resound in the Well!
Yours is the supple movement of the dark waters that course beneath the land,
And the murmur of cool sweet rivers
That wash away exhaustion
And bring forth life.
Sensuous One,
You pull the heavy robes of winter off the land
And expose the potential within us,
Teaching us of strength in vulnerability,
Teaching us of delight in uncertainty and hope.
As you caress the lands and encourage the erotic blossoming of life,
Bring us a sensual and prosperous summer
And heal away the scars that winter has wrought.
Bless us with pleasure, freedom, and fertility
As we bless you in turn and show you our love.
Goddess Sirona!
We dress your Well
Where the Earth opens up to the Sky.
Sirona, bless and renew us!
[ Now, if the folk have brought praise offerings for Sirona, you may give them now.
Turning toward the fire:
Belenus Invocation
Belenus, Lord of the Radiant Sun,
Hear my words as they arise on the fire!
Yours is the glittering movement of stars
And the heat of the noon-day sun on our faces;
You are the Quickener of Life,
The Blossomer of Flowers and Opener of Seeds.
Powerful One,
Your awaken the world from slumber
And bid it to dance in your light,
Exposing that which was hidden
And allowing it to thrive in unrestrained joy.
As you stir the sap in the trees,
Stir the sap within us as well.
Awaken us to our potential and allow for new, beautiful growth.
Bless us with freedom from fear and want
As you shower us in your generous light,
Knowing that we bless you in turn,
Thanking you for the spark of life.
Bless and awaken us!
[Folk’spraise offerings for Belenus –flammable, pref]
General Praise Offerings
Final Sacrifice and Omen
So we have given of our love and our wealth
To the Powers, that they may know our intentions.
Now let our voices arise on the Fire
Let our voices sound in the Well
Let our words pass the boundary to the Otherworld.
Sirona and Belenus,
We give you our love, our respect, and our devotion
As we pray to you.
Belenus, Sirona, accept our sacrifice!
Having sacrificed to the Powers,
Let us open to them
Asking what blessings they offer us in return
And the needs they have of us.
1. Have our sacrifices been accepted?
2. What do the Gods offer us in return?
3. What further needs to the Gods have of us?
Omen is taken with tarot preferably. Carmen or Mariel?
The Blessing
The litany of the waters
The circle is brought back together, and all are re-grounded and centered.
Now it is time to play. 
Long ago, it was ancient tradition to randomly draw bannocks (biscuit) from a basket on
Beltaine. One would be marked –burnt, usually –and the recipient of the burnt one would be
called upon to do something. Luckily for you guys, I am well aware that nobody wants to eat my
burnt bannocks, and thus we have M&M’shereforeveryonetoblindlyselect.Whomeverdraws
the red one will be crowned our Fool and asked to lead us in a romping procession between the
two fires (trays of candles or whatever we have). This act of passing between two fires is a form
of ritual purification, so as you pass between the fires let go of your troubles and feel whatever
scars the winter may have left in you healing away. [Note that the Fool will remain the fool even
after the rite has ended, and then if they want to pass the crown on they have to sing/lead a song,
tell a funny story or joke, dance, etc. during the feast. ]
The Great Ones have blessed us!
With joy in our hearts,
Let us carry the magic from our sacred Grove
Into our lives and our work.
Each time we offer to the Powers
They become stronger
And more aware of our needs and our worship.
So now as we prepare to depart
Let us give thanks
To all those who have aided us.
O Belenuns, O Sirona, We thank you!
Thank yous
O Gods and Goddesses of elder days, We thank you!
All: We thank you!
O Spirits of this land, We thank you!
All: We thank you!
O Ancestors, our Kindred, We thank you!
All: We thank you!
To all those Powers that have aided us, we say again…
We thank you!
All: We thank you!
Recenter and return all unused offerings:
Mother of all
To you we will return all we leave unused
Uphold us now in the world as you have in our rite.
We thank you!
All: We thank you!
The druids go to the center. They speak:
O Gatekeeper, warder of the ways
For your presence and power
Your guiding and guarding we say…
We thank you!
All: We thank you!
Now by the Keeper of Gates and by our magic
We end what we began.
Now let the Fire be flame
Let the Well be water
Let the Tree be only wood
Let all be as it was before
Let the Gates be closed!
All: Let the Gates be closed!
Go now, Children of the Earth
In peace and blessings
The rite is ended!
“Come We Now As A People”
Inspiration chant
“Portal Song”
“Power of the Spirits”
Outdwellers – small dish of milk/cream and strawberries, games
Garanus – pink shrimp?
Ancestors – Beer / seasonal alcohol?
Nature Spirits – Peach, some seeds?
Deities – Olive oil, fresh herbs?
Sirona – well decorations (flowers, silver?)
Belenus –Oil/Alcohol for fire?
Other needs: