Beltane 2007 Omen

his ritual was held at Blendon Woods Metropark, in the Hickory Grove Shelter. It was held on April 29, 2007, with a social hour at noon, and the rite beginning at 1 PM..

Attendance: 22, 11 ADF/11 non-ADF
Canned Goods: 45
Raffle/Donations: $23/$37.52


Were our gifts accepted? Kenaz
What do the gods offer in return? Thurizaz
What more do the gods require of us? Tiwaz


Our offerings were accepted with bright, shining fellowship.

The Powers offer us, in return, physical, even brute strength

But to keep ourselves on the right path is their wish for the Grove. It is interesting, this last omen for the question is, “What further needs do the Gods/Powers have of us?” Thurisaz is the giant, the brute strength f the traditional outdwellers, and Kenaz, in this reading, is “torch” (rather than “ulcer,” the alternative meaning). The omen might be negative but for this last omen, Tiwaz, the omen of guidance, justice, and the north star.

We may need brute strength in the future, and there may be pain, but we are guided.

Druid in Charge

Beautiful weather, lots of birds—good natural omens. Messed up order of a few lines & wished I could have memorized more, but there was a good spirit of teamwork & light heartedness. People were merry. Good meditation. . . Praise Offerings section a little unsatisfying, but it was way impressive how many offerings people brought for Sirona and Belenus.

Grove Member

Two and then three hawks arrived, screeching their calls to announce this Three Cranes Beltaine 2007 rite. Anna’s melodious voice called us into procession and led our rite. Light and cheery moods prevailed. The altars were beautiful and the offerings were many for the patrons and others represented. Maggie’s special offering for her grandmother was so touching! The omens section was well worought. And I think our singing/chanting is getting more melodic and powerful. Important ritual tip: gauge windage before major fire offerings. Well done!