Winter Solstice 2003 – Saturnalia

Brief Outline: Earth Mother Prayer Procession & Purification Grounding/Centering Precedent/Purpose Ritual re-creation of cosmos: Evocation of gatekeeper Establishing the sacred center w/3 gates Opening the Gates Beneficial influences: Apollo as Bardic Deity Silvanus as Protector against negative forces Vesta as hearth fire – lighting the sacrificial fire Invocations to the Three Kindred The Story of […]

Autumn Equinox 2002

(Inception)     0: The Sacred Grove is arranged as described. The celebrants hallow the Grove; the Fire is lit, the Well is filled, the Tree is blessed. Procession   With singing (“Come We Now as a People”), arrive and circle the hallows deosil. The Druids complete the sigil, then give the opening prayers. Opening Prayers A:  Universal Spirit:  Senior […]