Summerland Festival: Food

Everyone needs to eat! This page gives details on the our meal plan, on the food services provided to all attendees, and and policies for individual cooking and food storage.

Services provided for all

Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea are available in the dining hall, and all festival attendees are welcome to partake. We don’t want you to be undercaffeinated any more than you do.

Join us for meals

Even if you’re not eating on the meal plan, we’d love for you to join us in the dining hall — meet your fellow festival-goers and share community!

Saturday potluck dinner

It’s a long tradition at Summerland to host Saturday’s dinner as a potluck, open to all. We invite everyone to participate: bring your tastiest dishes to share!

On Saturday, you’re welcome to plug in a slow cooker or similar in the dining hall to cook/warm your potluck contribution. Please see the Other Food Notes heading below for food storage policies.

Sunday breakfast

Nobody wants to cook and pack up; all are welcome to join us for breakfast on Sunday morning.

Meal plan details

We’re pleased to continue providing a meal plan at the the Summerland Festival! New this year, meal plans are available with day passes as well as with full-weekend registrations. We encourage you to pre-register if you wish to purchase a meal plan, so we can plan accordingly. Meal plans may be available for purchase on-site, but this is dependent on demand; we can’t guarantee on-site availability, especially for restricted diets.

Meal plans include 7 meals, Thursday midday through Saturday midday. (Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast are open to all attendees.)

Adult (16+) meal plan: $75
Child (8-15) meal plan: $37.50
Child (0-7) meal plan: free

All children eating on the meal plan must be accompanied by their parent or guardian, who must also have purchased a meal plan.

At registration you will have the opportunity to note your dietary needs. Our grove has members with a variety of restrictions, and we’re fairly good at working with common food allergies and special diets at this point; you’ll see them list on the registration form! That said, be aware that:

  • while we make every effort to avoid cross-contamination, all meals will be prepared in the same workspace.
  • if your dietary restrictions are especially complex or uncommon, they may be beyond our ability — it hasn’t happened yet, but it’s certainly possible. Feel free to email us before registering if you have specific concerns.

Other food notes

Personal cooking

You are welcome to cook for yourself while on-site. Be aware, however, that no individual campfires are permitted. Portable cook stoves and grills are allowed; please make sure your cooking apparatus is cool and contained before leaving it.

Due to health code restrictions, you may not use the kitchen’s cooking equipment.

Food storage

There is a limited amount of space available for personal food storage in the kitchen’s walk-in refrigerator. Please remember that our kitchen staff are working hard throughout the day and follow any verbal or written instructions they give regarding storage locations and kitchen access.

Keep all personal food secured: close your cabin door securely when you leave it, close and latch coolers, etc. The raccoons don’t need your treats.

If you need ice for a cooler, check in with kitchen staff — do not bring coolers into the kitchen unannounced.

Off-site food

There are a variety of restaurants and stores in nearby Clifton (1 mi), Yellow Springs (5 mi), Cedarville (5 mi), Xenia (12 mi), and Springfield (15 mi).