Summerland Festival: Accessibility

At Three Cranes Grove, we try our best to make our druidry accessible to all — it’s a long journey, and we certainly make missteps, but it’s a path we’re determined to walk. As a virtual festival, we have both unique obstacles and unique possibilities to make Summerland more accessible; here are the steps we’re taking.

Audio accessibility

All of our events — workshops, rituals, and bardic circle — will take place over Zoom. While Zoom has taken steps to ensure that their software is accessible to those using screen readers and keyboard-only control (see Zoom’s accessibility information), for transcription and captioning they merely make it possible for account holders to link out to other services.

For Summerland, we have purchased automatic captioning licenses for our Zoom accounts, through You can view Otter’s transcriptions in multiple ways:

Financial accessibility

The Summerland Organizing Committee discussed pricing extensively before settling on $30 as a fair price for this festival, allowing us to support the festival and our grove while also keeping as low a financial bar to entry as possible.

However, we know that for some folks $30 is simply not possible, and we strongly believe that economic barriers to participation should be eliminated whenever possible. To that end, we offer 50% and 100% scholarships for the festival — simply email to request a discounted registration.

By the same token, if you have the means to contribute to our scholarship fund — which is entirely funded by the generosity of festival attendees — we invite you to add a contribution to your festival registration.