Three Cranes Grove Code of Conduct

For all participants

Three Cranes Grove, ADF, strives to be a safe and welcoming community that values inclusion, consent, hospitality, and integrity. We expect both guest and host to be considerate and to work together to create a safe space for each other. This includes an intolerance for behaviors that show abuse, hate, or discrimination in any form. We invite all individuals to attend our events, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, military status, mental or physical disability, location, employment, family status, or personal spiritual belief or path, provided that the individual is willing to participate in our activities or events in a polite and non-judgmental fashion.

Behavior that undermines or opposes inclusion, consent, hospitality, or integrity will not be tolerated. Participants shall not knowingly engage in activities and/or behaviors that violate the inherent rights of others. Such behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  • disruptive or hostile behavior
  • physical violence
  • racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, antisemitism, and other forms of bigotry
  • unwelcome physical contact, sexual advances, and harassment
  • coercion to partake in alcohol or other recreational substances

We recognize that participants come from a wide variety of heritages and cultural backgrounds. Much of the work of druidry (and paganism broadly) engages with the patrimony of world cultures. All participants should engage with the practices, stories, rituals, and material culture of cultures, both living and historical, with the utmost respect and care for their context and integrity, recognizing that, especially when you are not a member of a culture, sometimes the most respectful action is not to engage with a practice.

All those attending activities or events hosted by Three Cranes Grove, ADF, are expected to abide by this Code of Conduct. Three Cranes reserves the right to take punitive action against anyone whose behavior violates the Code of Conduct. Punitive action includes, but is not limited to, suspension, expulsion, and banning from all current and/or future Grove activities or events. No refund(s) shall be issued in the event of punitive action. The Senior Druid of Three Cranes Grove holds final say in any and all punitive action taken.

All attendees are expected to know and understand the legal reporting requirements that they are subject to. In addition to any legal reporting requirements, if you experience or witness any behavior that violates the Code of Conduct, we invite you to bring it to the attention of the event organizer or our Senior Druid in a timely fashion. In the case of assault or abuse, anyone who witnesses or is made aware of such violations is expected to report to the Senior Druid or other staff member in charge without delay. We will investigate and take appropriate action.

Regarding Minors

This section is currently under revision. While it is being revised, all participants should refer to the ADF Code of Conduct, subheading “Conduct specific to minors and adults working with minors at ADF Events,” as the expected standard of behavior.

For Presenters and Ritualists

We expect presenters and ritualists to support Three Cranes Grove’s work of creating a safe and welcoming space at all events, as described above.

Behavior that undermines or opposes inclusion, consent, hospitality, or integrity will not be tolerated. Presenters and ritualists shall not knowingly engage in activities and/or behaviors that violate the inherent rights of others or encourage such behavior, either in their presentation/ritual material or in their own actions.

Presenters have a responsibility for the accuracy and soundness of their materials, and are expected to use best practices in citing and acknowledging their sources, both scholarly and spiritual.

For Organizers

Three Cranes Grove acknowledges that organizer responsibilities extend beyond the above activities and behaviors. In their actions, organizers should always be working to nurture and sustain the safe and welcoming community Three Cranes Grove strives to create.

Specific examples of good organizer behavior vary depending on role and event, but may include (and are not limited to):

  • working responsibly and respectfully with fellow organizers/committee members
  • not engaging in favoritism regarding presenter/presentation selection, resource allocation, etc.
  • keeping transparent, clear, and accessible notes and records regarding any activities undertaken as an organizer
  • sobriety during assigned work times
  • not spreading malicious gossip and falsehoods about the event, its attendees, presenters, or other organizers

Amended February 16, 2020.

This code of conduct is inspired by the ADF Code of Conduct and various Free Spirit Gathering policies.