Founders Award

The ADF Founder’s Awards for exceptional public service is given to no more than three ADF Groves per year. Given by Isaac Bonewits, the founder of ADF, the award helps show that our Grove has fulfilled one aspect of ADF’s Vision. Isaac started offering the award in 2005, as a way to encourage relief for Hurricane Katrina victims and to recognize those groves who were impassioned by the idea of community service.

“I always felt that public service lies near the core of who we are as Neopagan Druids,” said Isaac of the award when it was first implemented in 2005, indicating that he felt the Groves who have won “have performed exceptional actions of public service (ie, to the general public) during the preceding year.”

Three Cranes Grove has won this award twice now, in 2005 and 2007. We are the only Grove to win this award more than once, and we are extremely proud of this tradition.