Giving Thanks

Of course, around this time of year we gather close with our families, remembering old traditions and celebrating new ones, it’s a good time to slow down and remember what we’re thankful for.

I remember that Seamus, our Senior Druid, likes to describe Samhain as “a mixture of a Memorial Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving all rolled into one.” When taking time to visit with relatives and friends over this weekend (or just to re-live the happy memories of watching football after eating too much turkey), I often feel that this description is spot-on: we are fortunate, as Pagans, to have an entire time of year devoted to our families and our friends, both those who went before us and those who will come after us.

It is also a great time to reflect on what we have and think about what more we can give: at each High Day, the Grove collects canned goods for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. Please do remember this when coming to our rituals: for all that we harvest, we need to remember that it is more important to fill our spirit with the joy of sharing the harvest than it is to fill our bellies with the fruits of the harvest.

And remember: On Dec. 1, 2008, we will be holding a small remembrance dinner for those whose lives were affected by AIDS. See our calendar or last week’s post for additional details.
    -Rev. Michael J Dangler

World AIDS Day Remembrance Dinner

Some may have noticed that this blog was hacked recently, which explains the absence of the past few regularly scheduled entries. Hopefully, we will recover them and be able to provide them again.

At our liturgy meeting this week, the topic of World AIDS Day came up: last year, we had participated in an interfaith service marking the day, and we felt very good about doing so. This year, after not being contacted about the WAD service, we contacted some of the organizers.

It turns out that there is no general World AIDS Day service this year: last year’s organizer’s email is bouncing, and no one else took point on it. So, without a planner and with no location, it seemed that WAD would not be celebrated by the interfaith community again this year.

This didn’t seem right to our Grove, so we have begun working on something to mark this day, even if it’s not a terribly formal or impressive ceremony. We decided to have a World AIDS Day Remembrance Dinner of our own.

So, on Monday, December 1, 2008, Three Cranes Grove, ADF, will gather at the Pizza Hut on Lane Ave., west of Ohio State’s campus. We’ll say some prayers, read some names, and tell some stories about how AIDS has affected our lives and the lives of others.

Come out with us, order yourself a pizza, and remember those who have gone to join the Ancestors.
    -Rev. Michael J Dangler