110 at Samhain!

It may surprise some, but Samhian this year set a new record for guests: attendance topped 110! Not only that, but we had representation from several Groves around the state (and beyond), many of whom had never attended a Three Cranes rite before.

Our omens were also very good. They were:

Were our offerings accepted? Mannaz: Yes! Embodiment of the people and self-actualization. A recognition of Unity. We played on the same team for the good of the folk and the Kindred. May this always be true in the end.

Shining Ones: Jera
Nature Spirits: Isa
Ancestors: Dagaz

Seamus, interpreting Jera, reminds us of the harvest time, a time to reap the benefits of the good works we have sown throughout the year. Reflect on the events of the pats year. Look deeper and find the lessons that you may take with you as you move forward into the new year.

Leesa, interpreting Isa, sees the ice and snow coming in the next season. All things come in their cycles, and the quiet and solitude of the cold weather is one of them. Again, reflection and changing seasons.

Skarlett, interpreting Dagaz, says, “Seize the new day!” As the new year dawns, we can take with us the lessons and other rewards for what we have sown and move forward into a new beginning.

The ritual went very well, too: from start to finish, the rite moved fluidly through the ADF Core Order of Ritual, and the Druids-In-Charge didn’t seem to run into many issues at all; even the points where improvisation had to take place went smoothly.

It is astounding (and wonderful) to think that we are outgrowing the spaces we have always rented: we were ten shy of a fire-code violation at this ritual, which brings new considerations that I never expected.

We have come a long way from the days when I thought that 6-9 regularly attending members at our rituals was all I could ever ask for. Congratulations, Three Cranes: you have surpassed your founders’ wildest expectations!
    -Rev. Michael J Dangler