Teutates: Guardian & Guide

As we continue to honor Teutates leading up to our Autumn Equinox Rite, here is a prayer written by Rev. Michael J Dangler for all those who need the gentle guidance of the Gardener to support us and root us in times when turbulence shakes our balance.

Prayer Candle

We call to the Spirits who guide the tribe:
To Crane,
To Gardener,
To Patrons all,
That they might make safe the way
for those who need help this bright day!

Let the lights of our ancestors be our guides
As we travel the path laid down by the Spirits.
May it lead us to the places
where our hearts are full with love.

And as we are guided to that Grove,
May we shed our fears,
Lighten our souls of concern,
And exist in that moment of serenity.

Let us stand in the center,
Supported by land, sea, and sky.
Let us be joined by the trees
Whose branches and roots
Entwine to support each other.

So be it.

Teutates: Tending Your Grove

Service Project:

Begin to tend your personal grove. With the connection being forged with Teutates, it is time to work with your own personal grove. Be that the cranes or others in your personal spiritual and support circle.

Reach out to your grove and find a way to offer your services to help tend and grow the connections to create one united, and sacred grove.

Bright Blessings!
~Traci A.

Meditation to Meet Teutates

Find a quiet space and find your center the most comfortable way for you. If you are new to finding your center, there are several methods by which to try on the internet, but the ADF Two Powers meditation can be found here.


Before you begin your journey, take several deep breaths. When you inhale, inhale fully, on a three count. Hold it for three count, then exhale completely on a three count.


Begin to imagine walking upon your perfect garden, surrounded by a well-tended grove. Here, you will come upon the gardner, Teutates who is tending your inner grove. Approach and give yourself time to meet with him, allowing yourself to take in the sights, the sounds and feelings of this space an the one who tends it.


When your visit is through, thank Teutates and exit your inner garden, your inner grove. When you come to full consciousness, write down your experience so you may have it with you in the weeks to come.

Tomorrow we’ll begin delving into the service work we can do to deepen our work with Teutates.

Bright Blessings!
~Traci A.

Autumn Equinox Rite-Along: Introduction to Teutates

From the threecranes.org website:

“Teutates is not a name, but a title. The title itself means “god of the tribe” or “god of the people.” Each Autumnal Equinox, the Grove calls on Teutates as our patron. This god may appear differently to every Grove member: to some, he is a specific god or goddess of their experience with the Grove; to others, he is a noble crane standing in the waters at the edge of the land. In all cases, though, he is the deity who watches over the Grove, who keeps us safe and guides us, building the future with a strong foundation.”  –Rev. Michael J Dangler

Trying to put a face to Teutates can be challenging the first time you work with the Deity of the Occassion for our Autumnal Equinox. As it is a title and not a formal name of a god, sometimes, it can be difficult to imagine in your mind’s eye the way you might with a known patron/ess.

For those unfamiliar or who have not forged a working relationship, the goal in the next four weeks it to acquaint (or reacquaint in some cases) ourselves with Teutates. Each week there will be a prayer, meditation and a service project

For an historical background of the deity from Ceisiwr Serith, click the link here.


Teutates, mighty god of the tribe, who tends our grove with a gentle hand. I call out to you today to rekindle the fires of piety. To meet with me at my hearth, and inspire me to grow the bonds of our grove.
Teutates, mighty god of the tribe,
who tends our grove with a gentle hand.
I call out to you today to rekindle the fires of piety.
To meet with me at my hearth,
and inspire me to grow the bonds of our grove.

Tomorrow, we’ll share a meditation to meet and deepen our relationship with Teutates.

Bright Blessings!
~Traci A.

Elembivios Druid Moon 2015

Elembivios is the Many-Sided Month, and during it we honor Nantosuelta, a goddess of rivers, birds, and bees who has many facets but is strongly focused on fertility.  We sang praises to her, that she might bring the waters up from the deep earth to fill our well, that she might send the waters flowing across the land to nourish the earth, and that she might send the waters down from the sky to infuse us with her gentle blessings.

In the heat of summer is is particularly apt for us to honor her by Dancing the Flow where we ask for the gentle rains that enrich and feed the land.  This year many grove members brought drums and others noisemakers so that they could make the rhythm and heartbeat of the Earth audible as other members danced around the fire, bringing forth the waters from the earth, and rivers, and sky.

Shawneen was our Seer for this rite:

What is our path for the coming month: Oir – Spindle – dedicated to hearth and home

What is the Grove’s focus for the coming month: Phagos – Beech – hard won ancestral knowledge, examine our own hearth and home of those in the grove and bring it forth.

What is the individual’s focus for the coming month: Iodho – Yew – examine what doesn’t serve, let it go and allow new growth.

Taken Together: These might suggest our journeys begin with our own dwellings and our own hearthfires.  It is from there that we grow and change.  Sometimes those changes require us to let things go and how we do that is almost as important as that we recognize that we do that. As always we do well to examine this hard won knowledge that those who went before.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.

These are good omens as we approach our Grove’s anniversary.  To remember the things that nourish us, our own hearth practices.  How are you seeing these omens manifesting in your life?

Bright Blessings!
~Rev. Jan Avende

Summerland 2015 and a New Crane Priest!

Title Card

Festival going is always an exciting time.  It is when those of us in local groves and communities can come together for fellowship, workshops, and rituals with our greater ADF and pagan community.  This year at the Summerland Festival was especially exciting because not only did the Main Ritual at Summerland include a Unity Rite to strengthen the bonds of all of us in ADF, it also included the Ordination of 3 new Priests, and the Elevation of a Senior Priest.

This past weekend, one of our members, Rev. Jan Avende, was made an ADF Priest. We can’t let this moment pass without showing off the really lovely offering she made to the fire:

An animated gif taken from four angles of Rev. Avende offering to the fire, with the fire reaching two-and-a-half times her height after the offering
Rev. Avende offers to the fire at her ordination, Summerland 2015.

We have the entire rite on video, but this particular section is the Charging of the Stoles: the act of placing the voice of the folk into the stole that it may become an ally for the Priest who wears it.

Also receiving stoles are Rev. David Crawford and Rev. Amy Castner.  We are incredibly proud of all of these new Priests.

The Omens that were received from each of the Kindreds during this ritual were:

  • The Ancestors blessed us with Muin, The Vine: Inspiration and Passion for the work ahead.
  • The Spirits of Nature blessed us with Gort, The Ivy: They see us on our journeys and promise to remain with us at each branching of them.
  • The Shining Goddesses and Gods bless us with Iodha, The Yew: The First Born remind us to examine ourselves and see those things which no longer serves us, and they provide us with the strength and courage to gracefully surrender them.
  • These are good omens! Taken together they, might suggest that we are to travel our journeys inspired by our passions and confident in the aid of the Kindred. We should gracefully surrender those things that no longer serve us, so that we may manifest new things which do help and aid us.

May we be ever joyful in these blessings, and these Priests!

Dublin Irish Festival: Year 6!

Another cycle of the tale of Lugh is complete.  Three Cranes Grove, ADF celebrated our 6th annual Lughnasadh at the Dublin Irish Festival.  We once again provided public ritual along 6 other mainstream faiths, and overflowed our tent.

The liturgy this year told of Lugh slaying Balor and bringing peace and prosperity to the land.  Our omens were fantastic.  Our Senior Druid, Shawneen, was the Seer for this Rite:

What blessings from the Ancestors: Phagos, the beech – Ancestral Wisdom

What blessings from the Nature Spirits: Muir, the vine – Inspiration

What Blessings from the Shining Ones: Duir, the oak – Strength, Firmness, and Justice

Taken Together: The strength of Our Druidry is that it is inspired by nature and infused and guided by the wisdom of our ancestors.

Good omens, indeed!  How have these gifts shown themselves in your life? How can you carry them out into the world?

Bright Blessings!
~Rev. Jan Avende