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Shining Ones


Deity of the Occasion

[An offering of wine is poured for Apollo.] Phoebus Apollo, bringer of morn, son of Zeus, the almighty, and Leto, the fair, who Bore him at Delos, where nowl many a men Comes bearing gifts, fine and fragrant for thee. Sweet-tongued Apollo, who sings for the Gods, may You Guide thence our praises to bathe them in honor; For we are but mortals, and thou art a God; Only this boon we beg thee, grant to us now: That our voices be pleasing to Gods, Spirits, and Manes; That the aim of our rite strike its target precisely; That our blessings and theirs pass freely between The realms of the Kindreds and the lips of our Seer. MACTE VIRTUTE ESTO! All:MACTEVIRTUTEESTO!(or“Welldone”)