A week off, a week on

This weekend, much of the Grove is away at the Earth Warrior’s Festival in southwestern Ohio, and preliminary reports say that the festival has gone very well. I, however, am taking a week off.

One of the joys of having a Grove full of individuals as committed to it as the members of Three Cranes are is that you do not need to do everything on your own. Every so often, a time will come along where you can sit back, relax, and know that your Grove is representing themselves well without you.

It’s been six years in the making, but I know that the members of this Grove stand tall within it, which means that sometimes, I can take a breather and know that the gardening goes on.

Thank you, Grovemates. You guys make it all worth it.
    -Rev. Michael J Dangler

Six Years of Ritual!

Today, our Grove has passed a wondrous milestone: six full years of offering service to the folk through regular public ritual, community action, and outreach as a solid Pagan presence here in Columbus.

And, as has become usual for our Grove, the week was full of many different events.

We began by adding to our Grove Poem, Clutiā Trion Garanonon (“The Fame of Three Cranes”). Each year, we add a new stanza to the poem, detailing what we have done in the past year. This year’s addition involved a number of things, but (as always) there are things that could not be included. Here is the most recent addition to our poem:

Each moon we meet ‘neath robur’s crown
And celebrate what members bring
Through work and deed our voices sound
We stand as one, our gardens sing

To read the full poem, check out Clutiā Trion Garanonon on our site!.

On Saturday, Three Cranes co-hosted Pagan Pride Day, and led the main ritual that day as well. The turnout was excellent, and many people seemed very appreciative that we had come out to do a ritual again this year.

As we began doing last year, though, we also decided to have our own, Grove-centered ritual on Sunday, back at our original shelter where we did our first ritual as a Grove. This year, there was a bit of a snag, though, as the shelter is non-reservable: we ended up moving one shelter over, but retrieving ashes from the fireplace in the original shelter in order to retain continuity.

The rite was good, and I felt renewed that evening. Old faces and new joined us as we sang our praises to the Kindreds and thanked them for six good years.

May we see many more years, inspired by fire and drenched by the nurturing waters!
    -Rev. Michael J Dangler

Hurricanes in Ohio?

This week, Hurricane Ike came through Ohio. It may sound strange to some that a hurricane would hit a land locked, midwest state, but according to the National Weather Service, Ike was still a “real” hurricane (Category 1) when it hit.

Driving home from Cincinnati through the storm on Saturday, I was greeted by flying corn stalks and a new appreciation for the wind-breaks that trees provide to farmers: those who had ringed their fields in trees were experiencing less loss than those with open fields that faced the interstate.

Currently, most of Central Ohio is without power, and there’s discussion about how long it might take to restore power. Current estimates are in the “few days” range.

An interesting thing has happened to those without power, though: time has been spent telling stories to children; neighbors are meeting each other for the first time over broken privacy fences; people are coming together to help move trees off each others’ houses. It’s a wonderful sight.

So, as many of us spend the next few nights by candlelight, let’s remember: sometimes, the Earth Mother speaks to all her children best when the din of our normal lives has been silenced.
    -Rev. Michael J Dangler

Walking across the Midnight Flame

Prior to working on this update, I received a note in my e-mail from one of our members: the fire-walking at our Friday night Ædrinios (“end of the heat”) moon ritual hadn’t burned her too badly.

Wait, fire-walking?

Indeed, Three Cranes Grove, ADF, did some fire-walking in our last ritual. While I have been in northern Michigan at the Midnight Flame Festival (which has been excellent, I must say, and comes with the added bonus of free Wi-Fi!), 3CG decided to go wandering across hot coals.

Of course, this is a rather safe thing to do, and only a couple of people caught small, insignificant burns. More importantly, a number of people reported very profound experiences as a result of the walk. And no one can say that we’re not an adventurous bunch!

I was very amused when the next message I received was about the omens from that ritual. When asked what the Grove should focus on, Eabha, the poplar, was drawn: The lightest of trees/buoyancy/rising up/walking with lightness in our steps.

Sometimes omens are a bit cryptic, but in this case it seems that the Grove should indeed have been stepping a bit more lightly!
    -Rev. Michael J Dangler