Bringing the Snakes to the Dublin Irish Festival

I’ve noticed that the Grove is on the schedule for the Dublin Irish Festival this year. This is a huge, huge step for our Grove, one that we’ve been working on for a while. Special thanks go to April Ford for making this happen for us.

In years past, we had requested to do ritual at the Dublin Irish Festival, but had not heard back. This year, we were approached by our local community and asked to present at the festival on their behalf, and it was the community that went to the DIF and asked if they could be represented by us. That appears to have been the tipping point, and we’re in.

DIF has provided this time to us partially to guage interest in having a Pagan service on Sunday morning of the DIF next year. Having the community come out for the workshop we will be doing, “Ancient and Modern Druidry: Walking in Wisdom,” is important, I feel, to making that happen.

Please do come out that morning (admission is free before 11 AM) and come to our noon workshop on April 2, 2009. Doing so may bring us closer to having a Druidic ritual at DIF next year, set up on par with the Gaelic Mass and the Protestant service.

    -Rev. Michael J Dangler