Our Ninth Year Passed, On To Ten!

Autumnal Equinox is always an amazing ritual for me. When we started this shindig back in 2002, two of us fumbling in the dark with scripts and a dying fire, things were very different. We knew that we had something special, though. We just didn’t know how special.

This year, we swore in new officers: lees remains the Senior Druid, and Paul and Bonnie took oaths as treasurer and secretary, respectively.

We added a new stanza to the Grove Poem. We are not sure if this will be the last: after nine years, the poem is very long. We may build a new poem, or we may do something else to trumpet our history in the coming years. We’re very proud of what we have, so it won’t be an easy decision, either way.

Our omens were good, as well:

Have our offerings been accepted?
Laguz: the outpouring of waters; yes. The well of renewal and blessing, welling up from below, filling the spaces and bringing the gifts of the Kindreds to us.

What do the Kindreds offer us in return?
Kenaz: the fire of fellowship; the torch-lined hall where the folk gather. We are offered fellowship and joy in one another.

What further needs do the Powers have of us?
Ingwaz: the god from the east; fertility and new beginnings, planting and preparing ourselves.

I loved the well and the fire making an appearance here in this rite. I loved, too, the fertility aspect appearing where we celebrate the end of nine years and the beginning of our tenth.

It was a dark night and we didn’t have a shelter with power, which made things a bit complicated when the sun went down, but we’d been there before. Still, it was a wonderful evening, and we all had a lot of fun.

Here’s to the joy of those first nine years, and the potential of the many years to come!

    -Rev. Michael J Dangler