Pagan Fire Seminars: Taking Omens, Divining Life

Yesterday Three Cranes Grove hosted the third Pagan Fire Seminar.  This year we focused on the work of the Seer, and our guiding statement was “Taking Omens, Divining Life.”  It was a long and intense day, full of so much shared knowledge and experience so that we could really work on deepening our practice, and deepening our communication with the Kindreds.


Rev. Michael J Dangler, Shawneen, and I each presented on a topic, using a different divination system as our focus, but really talking about universal ideas within divination that apply across the board.  Michael used the runes as his baseline, and focused on the concept of building an inner place of vision from which we do the work of the Seer.  He also talked about taking the symbol set we work with and the process of making them our own that speak to us and through us, and then how these symbols can be used to create magical items to enhance our work.


10984224_10105822950936565_7753131580810855637_nI found it interesting as we discussed the inner place of vision that for many of us, including me, it seems to overlap with our own Inner Grove that we do work in for a multitude of spiritual tasks.  The idea of the symbols, and our work as a Seer as something akin to a transparency sheet that can be overlaid on top of our Inner Grove.  It can exist in the same space, but is also outside of it.  They are all connected at the Center of All, with the Fire burning brightly in our vision there, but can be engaged with in different ways.


11014942_10105823528030065_2932499996181016763_nI also touched on the idea of working within our Inner Grove, and building a practice of trance to further enhance our understandings of the symbols and cultures we work in.  I use the Greek Alphabet Oracle, and focused my portion of the seminar talking about Weaving the Seer’s Story.  Meaning how do we most effectively use the tools of communication we have, how do we access the message, and most importantly, how do we understand, interpret, and relay that message to others.

We draw from the primary sources, the lore, and our own developing understanding of the meanings of each symbol.  It was a good experience in sharing the portions of our spirituality that firmly reach out into the land of “woo” and “the unexplained but still felt.”


11060986_10105824059889215_870615674544148388_nShawneen uses the Ogham, and he focused his portion of the seminar on building a connection to your symbol set using the Nature Spirits all around you.  While his focus was on the trees of the Ogham, the take away that you have the ability to connect with your symbol set and build relationships with the spirits around you is universal in the path of the Seer.

We concluded the presenting portion by fielding a question that is all at once the easiest question to answer, and the most difficult to answer: “But how do you know?  When you ask ‘have our offerings been accepted?’ what are the symbols that tell you for sure one way or the other?”

We answered this question as a panel, and all basically had the same thing to say. “It depends on the context, and the situation.  Even symbols considered generally ‘bad’ can have a caveat.  Ultimately, you have to build your confidence as a Seer, and learn to trust your gut.  It comes down to the fact that ‘The Seer Sees what the Seer Sees.’”  You can watch this clip from the seminar here.



We ended with a hands-on workshop to create talismans to enhance our vision, and then imbued those talismans with the powers of the Divine Seers so that we may use them in our own work as Seers.  While it followed the basic ADF COoR framework, the magical work we did was intense, and the gifts and blessings abounded in the task at hand.  We were given the blessings of Ancestral Wisdom and Perseverance in the rite, and further blessings imbued our tools.

I’m really looking forward to next year’s rendition of the Pagan Fire Seminars.  We haven’t quite decided on a focus yet, but having covered Ritual Foundations and Magical Practice in previous years, and Divination Skills this year, I can’t wait to see what we decided to work with next!

Video of the presentations in the seminar, as well as copies of the workbooks will be available soon!

May the Bright Blessings of the Seer flow through us all!

~Rev. Jan Avende