Beltaine 2015

Three Cranes Grove celebrated Beltaine this year on May 3rd at Blendon Woods Metropark. The weather was fantastic: warm, but not sweltering, with a gentle breeze. We celebrated in a Norse hearth culture for the ritual, and heard the story of how the world was created in that culture. We requested the aid of Heimdall in Opening and Guarding the Gates, and honored Freyja as the Deity of the Occasion.

Beltaine 2015

Freyja took the role of the May Queen, and the Folk brought offerings of fresh flowers in full springtime bloom and scents of amber to please her. And pleased she was!

We received as our omens Berkano, Gebo, and Sowilo. Beth, our Seer for the rite, interpreted them to mean that the warmth of the summer sun guides our journey and we would be blessed with strength as we approach the new beginnings this season. We should focus on the gifts we’ve been given in reciprocity and how we can use them in our work.

We sang Bess’s song, “A Kindred Prayer,” during the Praise Offerings section of the rite. While it is new for most people, the tune is catchy and the chorus easy to pick up. We also had song impromptu singing for Freyja to allow folks to bring up offerings just for her. “Go Freyja! Go Freyja! You’re the May Queen! Go Freyja!” could be heard ringing through the park, I’m sure.

The potluck was delicious, though I’d like to remind everyone to please remember to bring a plate and utensils if you are able. We also had a great turn-out for the raffle this High Day, with some lovely handmade items crafted by Athena Moonstone.

Our next ritual is Summer Solstice and we will be honoring the Baltic Gods of Community. It’s at ComFest (in Goodale Park) at 9:00am, right next to the Live Arts Stage. Join us in honoring the Kindreds as we celebrate Midsummer and the joy of Community!

Brightest Blessings!
~Rev. Jan Avende