Equos Druid Moon 2015

This past week we celebrated Equos.  This has always been a special moon for those in the grove.  This year was our second Eqous Moon without Carmen, who we remember dearly.  She brought fire and passion into the grove, and at one point, through her work at a local stable and her relationship with Epona, made it possible for us to paint a real live horse.

Equos is the Horse Month, and during it we honor Epona, the celtic horse and sovereignty goddess who was adopted by Roman cavalry and brought back to Rome. During this rite we paint symbols on a horse and commune in silence with this deity. The painting symbolizes our prayer and our communication with her.

This year we painted our symbols on a small, white rocking horse.  In addition to communing with Epona in this way, we also shared stories and honored the memory of Carmen, one of the Grove’s Beloved Dead.

Our omens for this moon, as Seen by Rev. Avende:

What is our path for the coming month: Omega – The path will be difficult and not much use will come of it, but it is still the path that must be walked and we should remember that every cleared field leaves an opportunity for new growth.

What is the Grove’s focus for the coming month: Lambda – look for the unexpected aid that we can both give and receive in order to have success on our path.

What is the individual’s focus for the coming month: Zeta – Discard those things that are no longer serving you.  Some things can’t be reconciled and we should try to accept that sometimes it is better to get rid of those things.

When we clear the field, as must be done at the end of each harvest, regardless of how fruitful the harvest was, we should remember to let go of the things that did not serve us during this cycle of growth, and to look for the unexpected gifts that newly turned soil brings.  How do you see these omens playing out in your life.

Bright Blessings!
~Rev. Jan Avende