Hurricanes in Ohio?

This week, Hurricane Ike came through Ohio. It may sound strange to some that a hurricane would hit a land locked, midwest state, but according to the National Weather Service, Ike was still a “real” hurricane (Category 1) when it hit.

Driving home from Cincinnati through the storm on Saturday, I was greeted by flying corn stalks and a new appreciation for the wind-breaks that trees provide to farmers: those who had ringed their fields in trees were experiencing less loss than those with open fields that faced the interstate.

Currently, most of Central Ohio is without power, and there’s discussion about how long it might take to restore power. Current estimates are in the “few days” range.

An interesting thing has happened to those without power, though: time has been spent telling stories to children; neighbors are meeting each other for the first time over broken privacy fences; people are coming together to help move trees off each others’ houses. It’s a wonderful sight.

So, as many of us spend the next few nights by candlelight, let’s remember: sometimes, the Earth Mother speaks to all her children best when the din of our normal lives has been silenced.
    -Rev. Michael J Dangler