Imbolc 2007 Omen

This ritual was held at Blacklick Woods Metropark, in the Beech-Maple Lodge. The rite was held on Jan. 28, 2007, with a social hour at 5:30 and the ritual starting at 6:30.

Attendance: 17, 7 ADF/10 non-ADF
Canned Goods: 38
Raffle/Donations: unknown


Were our gifts accepted? 10 of wands
What do the gods offer in return? The Druid
What more do the gods require of us? 9 of Cups

10 of Wands: Our offerings have been accepted. Many blessings, assistance, managing, balancing commitments.
The Druid: Further learning, knowledge, balance, wisdom, higher learning.
9 of Cups: Stability, Continued learning, stability, work toward goals.

Druid in Charge

Imbolc is a time of blessings and of renewal. This rite relies heavily on the warmth and welcoming that is created within our rituals and within ourselves.

This ritual saw us offering much to Brigando, with an offering of buttermilk as the main sacrifice to her. We have also begun offering praises to the Patron of the Rite as one folk, and the usual poem we do at Imbolc plays heavily into this.

Our offerings were indeed accepted this night, even though spring may not be upon us yet. In return for our offerings, wisdom and knowledge can be ours, should we choose to seek these things.

Now is a time to re-focus on our goals. The Grove is now doing just that, and our work toward them will bear the fruit this year that beset reflects our work and dedication over time.

This ritual is an important one to this Grove, and always, I think we will find a deep, wonderful sense of fellowship at this time of year.

Grove Member

Ritual was like washing hands in warm water after the cold. Slow at first, and for a moment awkward, and then deeply relieving & satisfying. The contrast of cold snow outside & so many warm candles inside was striking. Good “theatrics” & GREAT meditation, but gate opening doesn’t work (for me at least) in such a closed, cramped spot. LOVED the drums before the rite—built energy so fast! Moving ritual to me, but that may have been for personal reasons (I blessed my keys. . .) Finally, did anyone notice that Mike repeated the exact same “Behold the holy cup of magic!” stanza twice in a row? 🙂 Long waters section of the rite.