Lughnasadh 2004 Omen

Lughnassadh 2004 –

This rite was held at Mark’s house in Mount Vernon. There were 10 people in attendance. Mark has an excellent space, a natural grove with an oak tree growing up in the center. It’s truly beautiful, but very far from Columbus.

We asked our usual three questions:

Have our offerings been accepted?
Fehu –
Cattle, wealth. Our offerings had indeed been accepted.

What do the Gods offer us in return?
Jera –
A good harvest and a fruitful year. A very good omen, and a very valuable gift, especially during the first harvest festival of the year.

What further needs do the Gods have of us?
Thurisaz –
Thorn, giant. This confused me. What needs do the Gods have of us? To torment people? To poke them? To grow three feet taller?

With the Gods accepting our gifts and offering us a wonderful year to follow and good harvests, the negative rune that followed, Thurisaz, confused me. Perhaps we are to demonstrate strength and power, and protect our own from those outside. It’s hard to say. We are still working on this interpretation.

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