The Crane-Following Oath

After you have met the Crane and decided that you wish to begin the work of following the Crane, it is time to take a first oath, the Crane-Following Oath. Unlike other oaths in the Order, the Crane-Following Oath is something you must write on your own, perform on your own, and live entirely on your own. To that end, we can provide examples and guidelines, but it is up to you to determine exactly how to phrase the oath you give to follow the Crane.

Basic Principles

The Crane-Following Oath should reflect some basic commitments:

  • Perform devotionals with regularity
  • Work in service to ADF and the Folk
  • Keep the eight ADF High Days
  • Seek guidance from the Crane

This is not an oath to the Order or any other person, but rather an oath to follow the path of the Crane. As with any path, you may travel it for a time and decide that it is not for you, so ensure that this oath does not describe what you will do “forever” (there are additional oaths to reinforce your commitment over time, should you truly remain on this path forever).

A good oath should speak to you, not to anyone else: this is about your personal connection. Make sure that you write it down and have it to refer back to, as well, for it is binding you to a path. Example Oaths

For reference, we have provided three sample oaths that you may use or modify for your Crane-Following Oath.

  1. I, _____, oath to follow the path of the Crane. I will work in service to ADF and the Folk, keep my hearth shrine lit with the fire of my devotion, keep the eight High Days of my Folk, and seek the guidance of the Crane when I question my path. May it be so for as long as this path leads me on through the Realms.
  2. By the waters that surround me, the land that extends about me, and the sky above me, I swear this to the Crane who knows these realms: I shall keep the High Days and my devotion bright; I shall work in service to ADF and the Folk; and I shall seek the guidance of the Crane who travels beyond the Ninth Wave should I lose my way while I travel this path.
  3. I embark on a path today, which shall lead me to new glades and deep, cool waters none have ever seen. I draw guidance from the Crane, who knows these paths, to show me the way. I will bring with me a shield of piety to protect me and a fire of devotion to light the way. I will seek to serve those who drink from these same waters and travel these same paths. I will support my community within and outside of ADF. These things I oath for as long as I follow the Crane.

Once you have taken this Oath, you have become a Regular Member of the Order of the Crane. Please Join our Mailing List and tell us about your Oath and inform us that you wish to begin service and devotional work.

Welcome to the Path!