Ritual Generator

For General Ritual Scripts


Wise Ancestor’s Those Native Ancestor’s of this land that walked before us. The Ancestor’s of our heart, our families and friends who have traveled on from this realm. And Ancestor’s of our minds, the heroes and the legends that inspired us. We gather here today as a united community within the shadow of communities and tribes past. We ask your wisdom in maintaining a safe and unified community, to learn from your lessons and example, and for you to teach us how better to interact with our brothers and sisters to forge a path for future generations to grow in kinship. Ancestors of the land, Accept our Sacrifice! Ancestor’s of the heart, Accept our Sacrifice! Ancestors of the mind, Accept our Sacrifice!

Nature Spirits:

Spirits of Nature, seen and unseen.  Those whose spirits who roam the lands, spirits who swim the seas, spirits who soar the skies, spirits of feather, scale, and skin, those who exist in this world, those who exist in the otherworld, and those who walk between the worlds.  We are honored to share our blessings of the earth with you, as you share your blessings with us. Join us now as we walk in balance with you during our work of Samhain on this hallowed ground. Nature Spirits, Be Welcome Among Us!

Shining Ones:

Great and Sacred Shining Ones, you who guide, challenge, and give blessings. Shining Ones whose time with us has passed, Shining Ones whose time is now, and Shining Ones whose time is yet to come. We honor you for all that you are and continue to be. We invite you here as we honor the many who have come before us all. Shining Ones, Be Welcome Among Us!