Winter Solstice 2006 Omen

This ritual was held at Blacklick Woods Metropark, in the Beech-Maple Lodge. It was held on Dec. 17, 2006, with a social hour at noon, and the ritual starting at 1 PM.

Attendance: 22, 10 ADF/12 non-ADF
Canned Goods: 4
Toys: 37, donated to Firefighters4Kids
Raffle/Donations: unknown


Were our gifts accepted? Wunjo 
What do the gods offer in return? Oðila 
What more do the gods require of us? Jera 

Interpretation: Generally positive. Our gifts were pleasing to the Kindreds and they offer us lasting wealth in return; a relationship that will continue in a “reap what you sow” basis.

Druid in Charge

Yay! I get to do this first!
My screw-ups → I forgot to thank Heimdall—oops! And I called Nick “Gif” for some reason—okay, “negatives” out of the way . . . In general, the rite went well–we had 6 new faces, & more than a few returnees—the offerings were accepted & it felt like a great kick-off to the “Yule season.” I don’t know what else to right. Aaigh!!

Senior Druid

Our omens were certainly accepted, this much is clear. Receiving Wunjo indicates a definite “Yes” answer. Regarding the return omen, it appears to me that we should look to our future and plan, for the Kindred will provide for not only ourselves, but also those who come after us. That which we plant this year has the potential, with positive and hard work, to bear a great harvest. This Grove will find great bounty in the future.