Earth-Along Day 3 Liturgy

Today we focus on the theme of “Grateful *ghos-ti with the Earth.” *Ghos-ti is about creating and maintaining a relationship of reciprocity – We give that we may receive. Today, celebrate with all gratitude and generosity.  What can you do, or are you doing, to give to the Earth, and to the community that supports the Earth? Today, go on a nature walk and pick up trash, or work in your garden, or find a group planting trees for Earth Day, or take some time to consider how you give to the Earth and she gives to you.

The liturgy for today’s Earth-Along focuses on the Earth Mother, and the ways we work in *ghos-ti and harmony.

 prayer card for the "prayer of offering" on image of green flowing river bed


Beginning Signal
***Ring Bell (or other sound) 3 times***


Attune to Purpose
***Focus on your connection with the Earth Mother & Take 3 cleansing breaths to ground and center***


Prayer of Welcome
***Kindle your Good Fire (whatever form it takes)***
It is fitting that we honor the All Mother;
She from whom we have all emerged,
She who sustains us, She to whom,
In the fullness of time, our bones will return.
Come, Blessed Goddess, and hear our prayer;
We ask that you support and surround us
For this rite, as you do for all rites,
For this day, as you do for all days.
Eldest of all beings, crowned with every grace,
We give you honor, and we give you praise;
Yours is the joy of the rain, and of every sacred thing.
We honor you best when we walk in balance;
We honor you best when we make our footprints light;
We honor you best when we become your true champions.
All Mother, Our Mother, ignite your spark within us
That we may know ourselves to be truly human,
Truly holy, and truly part of the web of life.
Join us in the warmth and light of our Good Fire.
Earth Mother, be welcome here this day.


Prayer of Offering
Great Mother, creator and destroyer,
you are where we begin and end in the eternal circle of life.
You bring us forth from your starry womb, and provide for our every need.
We wend our way through the days of our lives, tending and toiling,
planting and harvesting, praying and playing,
sharing in the blessings you pour out upon us to sustain us.
As the fruits of our labors come to fruition,
they will be our service and sacrifice unto you.
And, in the fullness of time, we also return to you
to contribute to the next turn of the wheel,
becoming part of that which sustains you, and those who come after us.
We come to celebrate this unbreakable and unshakable relationship
that is our *Ghos-ti bond – the reciprocity of unconditional love.
We endeavor to gratefully provide our service and sacrifice,
as you support and sustain us, that we may return an outpouring of blessings to you.
***Make your Offering (give your gift, then say this or do what suits you)***
Blessed is she whose vital essence brings life to all the land.
Blessed is she whose lifeblood wells up and flows out to the sea.
Blessed is she whose gentle breath whispers of love across the sky.
Blessings to the All-Mother!


Prayer of Blessing
***Call the Earth Mother’s Blessings into your Water or Incense***
O come Blessed Goddess, and listen to our prayer,
Make the increase of your bounty thy constant care;
We ask that you support us, and let your blessings flow,
Praise to you, Sacred Mother, for all that you bestow.Beloved Ancestral Mother of prosperity and plenty,
From whose starry womb the green earth springs,
We have offered freely, with our heads and hands and hearts,
Bring forth now your blessings that we may take them in.Pour out the blessings of the Cup of Inspiration!
Send down the blessings of the Spring of Renewal!
Infuse us with the blessings of the Well of Wisdom!
Behold the beauty and the bounty of the gifts the Mother brings!
***Take in the Blessings: Drink, sprinkle, anoint, waft, or whathaveyou***


Prayer of Gratitude
As it began in your honor, let it end in our thanksgiving.
Earth Mother, we are ever grateful for thy bounty,
For your presence in our lives, and in our rites,
For your support in our work, and in all our days.With gratitude for blessings received, we carry forth
The gifts bestowed upon us to share with all the world;
Blessed Goddess, wellspring of potential, we honor you;
Through the fruits of your labors are we made whole, and holy.
Earth Mother, we thank you!


Ending Signal
***Ring Bell (or other sound) 3 times***