Autumn Equinox 2003 Omen

Autumn Equinox 2003 –

This Rite was at the UUCE, and it had our largest turnout yet. I expect it was something on the order of 27 people, several from a small coven.

The omen read as follows:

Have our sacrifices been accepted?
Justice. The sacrifices were accepted, and our worship has been right.

What do the Gods offer us in return?
The journey, hard on the horse, but good for the rider. They offer us travel.

What further needs to the Gods have of us?
The horse, carrying us through our lives and on our journeys. Again, a rune of travel, and a request that we move on, and that we change.

The Gods have offered us travel, and require us to travel. Our worship over the past year has been just and strong, but a change is needed.

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