Autumn Equinox 2007 Omen – Take 1

This ritual was held at Highbanks Metropark, in a non-reservable shelter. It was held on Sept. 22, 2007, and commemorated our fifth anniversary. The Grove had a social hour at 3 PM, and the ritual started at 4 PM.


Have our offerings been accepted? Elhaz
What do Powers offer us in return? Berkano
What further needs to the Powers have of us? Uruz


Grove told that the kindreds protect us (Elhaz) in response to our offerings. They give us fertility (Berkano), and ask us to be strong (Uruz).

Senior Druid

One of the best I’ve been to, in regards to Grove building—in the eyes of my Grovemates I found home. This is our 5 year, and I looked around to the new & old Grovemates and thought about all that we had done. . . In my mindseye, I played all our rites, time spent at ComFest, time at Summerlands, the business meetings, etc. All these things came rushing back to me. . . The people who have come & gone, each giving something to this Grove. I thought Shawn, Donald, Mariel, and Bonnie did a good job—So many new voices—they did great—Donald was shaking with energy.

Good omens, I feel tired, good and happy. Our Grove has really grown & changed and I am very happy with where we are. I can’t really talk about the rite because I was so taken by it all. Also, Mike had me oath to the Grove—I only hope I live up to expectations—I know I will but it still humbles me.

Druid in Charge

Five years of ritual. From two guys standing in that same dark shelter, fumbling with our scripts and full of uncertainty, we have become a strong Grove, a tall Grove, and even a mature Grove. I changed our opening prayer from the old Universal Spirit Prayer and broke new ground with a deeply polytheistic Opening Prayer.

This rite meant so much to me, I cannot explain it well. The friendship and fellowship, the closeness of my Grove, and the closeness of the Gods was astounding.

Today, we prayed with a good fire.

This was my last rite as Senior Druid. Seamus has taken over the office, and a new crop of members who have not held office in the past have taken our other offices.

I could not be happier to see new Cranes taking on their new roles, and I couldn’t have more faith in Seamus’ ability to run this “shindig of a Grove.”

Guided by Garanus
We make Sacrifice to the Three Kindreds
We pray with a good fire

Blessings on the people of Three Cranes

    -Rev. Michael J Dangler