Beltane 2004 Omen

Spring Equinox 2004 –

This rite was held at Highbanks Metropark. We did something different for the omen this time: rather than taking one omen for the entire working, we took omens for every person present. This was done by bringing a set of Easter eggs and putting a rune in each one. We went around the room twice, and each person got a personal reading. This worked well with the low number we had, a total of nine people.

Because we did not ask our usual three questions, I’ll provide my own omens here for you to peruse:

Need, poverty. Never a good sign.Isa
Ice. I am stagnant. I need to move more. I need to break out.

Well, I need to do a lot of work in my personal practices. And I have since then. The nice thing was, since I got two of the worst runes, I didn’t have to tell anyone else that their practices were lacking in some way.