Summer Solstice 2004 Omen

Soulstice 2004 –

This rite was held at Blendon Woods Metropark. This rite was done in celebration of summer through songs, and we re-named the Solstice rite our “Soulstice” rite. Some of the greats were invoked, and we had a lot of fun in our worship.

We asked our usual three questions:

Have our offerings been accepted?
Hail. The shiver that went through the Grove was felt by all. Our offerings had not been accepted. I felt that this rune asked for more, but I had a good feeling. In this case, the rune was not as bad for us as it has been in the past. I felt like someone had been forgotten, or an offering requested was not made.

Further offerings were made.

The sun, shining brightly. A truly good omen for this rite. Our offerings had been accepted.

What do the Gods offer us in return?
The day, the dawn. New beginnings, new traditions, new light on our world.

What further needs do the Gods have of us?
Journey, perhaps asking us to “ease on down the road”. There is also the connotation that perhaps we, like the horse, need to rest, to find a place to call ours.

With the exception of the first rune, these are excellent omens. The sun-rune, the dawning of a new day, and the journey all relate to the ideas behind the solstice, where the sun is at her zenith, journeying through the sky, and the dawning on that day is at its earliest and most intense. Our worship has been right.