Unity Ritual @ Summerland 2022

Date: August 20, 2022 4:30 pm

Join us for an ADF-style ritual where we will honor the Gods and Spirits by celebrating the ties that join our communities together.

If you’ve never attended a Unity Rite hosted by an ADF Grove, we call up the Waters of Unity as our main working and then pour them out for each solitary, grove, protogrove, and prison worship group. As this is a Pan-Pagan Festival, we will include all paths that our attendees walk or wish to have included.

Additionally, we will witness the Elevation of Rev. Missy Ashton to ADF Senior Priest. At the conclusion of the Unity Rite, join us for the Summerland Potluck Feast and Bardic Circle.

Never been to Camp Clifton? Visit our Summerland Location/Directions page!