Lughnasadh 2007 Omen

This ritual was held at Battelle-Darby Creek Metropark, at the Shagbark Shelter. It was held on July 29, 2007. The social hour was at noon, and the rite started at 1 PM.

Attendance: 17, 8 Grove/3 ADF/6 non-ADF, 1 dog
Canned Goods: 25
Raffle/Donations: $44.05


Have our offerings been accepted? Laguz 
What do Powers offer us in return? Uruz 
What further needs to the Powers have of us? Ehwaz 


The omens for this rite were good indeed.

We asked if our offerings had been accepted: Laguz – Overflowing, as the waters overflow their banks, or as the sea encroaches on the land. Our offerings had been accepted.

We asked what the Powers offered us in return: Uruz – Strength, the strong arm and the quick foot, a good omen for the funeral games.

We asked what further needs the Powers had of us: Ehwaz – The horse, travel and movement. To depend on others and treat them well.

These were good omens indeed.

Druid in Charge

My first Irish Rite! I need to work on pronunciation! We offered to the Kindreds & to Tailtiu during the main rite. Lugh was offered to in the beginning, before the Lugh games/Tailtian games. Every one had to dedicate their performance to someone or something. We had a lot of new faces & the best part was Bonnie’s first 3CG rite & Craig & Jessie from CA (Feather River PG) showing up from Starwood!

The omens were Laguz, Uruz, and Ehwaz. It’s interesting because last rite, our first ogham was willow/Saille & I see these both as the same (kind of)—access to secret, deep mysteries. I sense a theme!!

The gods give us strength (& rest of the Kindreds) & they ask us for Ehwaz. I see this as asking us to work together, both as a Grove & with the larger community (& with the Kindreds).

Grove Member

A few interesting wrinkles included in our Lughnassadh rite were Seamus’ Grove attunement which included color invocations to the Three Kindreds in addition to the standard Two Powers. We also included drumming/clapping as part of our wickerman working. Prayers from all were included inside our wickerman emissary to the Shining Ones. Seamus (our Lugh Games champion) danced the wickerman around the Grove before laying him on our good fire. He burned up magnificently in a blaze of glory (note to self—excelsior stuffing makes good fire!) The group energy was palpable! Good rite lees! Good rite 3C’ers!