Midsummer 2007 Omen – Take 1

This ritual was held at Blacklick Woods Metropark, in the Ash Grove Picnic Area. It was held on June 17, 2007. There was a social hour at 7 PM, and the ritual began at 8. This rite was a sort of “dress rehearsal” for the ritual at ComFest. Despite our discussions of this as a “dress rehearsal,” this was a fully functioning and complete ritual.

Attendance: 19, 7 ADF/12 non-ADF. 3 were children, 1 dog also attended
Canned Goods: 45
Raffle/Donations: unknown


Were our gifts accepted? Sail (willow)
What do the gods offer in return? Luis (rowan)
What more do the gods require of us? Ailm (fir)


Sail – Willow – Mysteries. Yes, unconditionally.

Luis – Rowan – Protection.

Ailm – Fir – Far seeing.

Druid in Charge

As we considered the above omens after the rite, we kept returning to the first one: “conditional” acceptance of our omens. While we were clear that this rite was a “dress-rehearsal” for next week’s, we were also clear that this rite was the “real thing.” Our lack of previous rehearsal did not help matters, and while the rite seems to have worked out just fine (nothing went “wrong,” but it was very unpolished), the Kindreds certainly want more.

Combined with the last omen, our “further needs” omen, it does seem like what is wanted is a more practiced, prepared approach.

Because of this, the omen shows that the Gods expect better of us, but they know we will work hard to excel before the rite next week at ComFest.

This rite saw 3 rounds of praise offerings, one to each of the Kindreds, with a fourth round to the Deities of the Occasion, Lugus & Rosmerta. This seems to have worked well, though if we continue this, we should ensure that each of the Three Kindreds is offered to at every rite.

We are also now writing down Oaths made.


The service was relaxed and informal, which I liked, and was a “dress rehearsal” for another service to be conducted @ ComFest. I thought that the procession was a little unorganized, but I’m glad that it was decided to have the procession because it turns away the outsiders and sets up ceremony nicely. I tend to react more on an emotional level to ceremonies than the words said, and for me the circle this time offered a protective environment in which to channel endergy. I felt very centered and felt especially energetic during the singing and offering to the fire and Nature Spirits.


Maggie: To pledge to help children on her path. 
 To be the best man he can be.